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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A.  Push Jerk – 2-4 repsx 5 sets, rest 2:00

B1.  Front Squat – 3-5 reps x 4 sets @30×0, rest 2:00

B2.  GHD Raise – 12-15 reps x 4 sets, rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets to comments.

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For those of you that showed up this morning at 6am and found no coach, I apoligize. I slept through my alarm and woke up much too late. Again, I greatly apologize and hopefully I can make it up to you!

A. 65×4/70×4/75×3/80×3/85×2 felt myself push press last set.
B1. 85×4/95×4/105×4/115×3
B2. 15/11/10/7

A. 95 x 4, 105 x 4, 115 x 4, 125 x 4, 135 x 1… jerk felt good today. 135 might be a PR.
Messed around with raises for fun but gotta say that lots of running and the deadlifts yesterday really has my posterior chain fatigued.

A. 75×4/85×4/95×4/100×3/110×3*
B1. 95×5/115×5/125×5/135×5*could have gone heavier – wasn’t sure b/c of tempo
B2. 15/15/15/15 *broke up first set just trying to figure out/adjust length* otherwise UB
Nice work today Sarah!
Thanks Kris – liked this wod! what a BUSY class!!!!

DJ I’m super pissed.
You can make it up to me by buying me some oly shoes.

A. 55×4/60×4/65×4/70×4/75×4
B1. 55×5/60×5/65×5/75×5
B2. 15/15/15/12
For the first time, my front squats felt really strong. Definitely will push harder next time on those.

A. 135/155/175/185 failed at 195
B1. 135/185/195/205
B2. start with a negative ghd to back extention15/15/15/15

Count me in for the shoes too, and a pair of those super-tight shorts that are good for rowing.


The previous comment was from me, not Katie. She already has the super-tight shorts.

We still cannot retrieve any messages on this blog.

A: pass
B1: 115X5/120X5/125X3/125X3
B2: 15/15/15/10+5BE

A: 85×4/95×4/100×4/105×3/105×2
B1: 95×5/115×5/125×5/135×2
B2: 15/15/15/15

A. 65×4/65×4/75×4/75×4/80×2 technique was not that great.
B1. 95×3/ scaled back to make sure I had good technique 85×4/90×5/95×4.
B2. 12/12/12/12
Thanks Kris for the tips on push jerk. Hopefully the next time my technique will be better.

Neil – Business:
A- 115×4 / 125×4 / 135×4 / 145×3 / 145×2
B1 – 145×5 / 155×5 / 165×5 / 175×4
B2 – 12 / 13 / 12 / 11
Social Commentary:
yeah I’m pretty PO’d as well DJ, I wasn’t going to that class but nonetheless I’m still really really mad…
Hughie please tell me you are joking about the tight shorts!
Good class Kris, btw I found my hoodie in case you were tearing the place apart looking for it…

Yes, super tight shorts I just love wearing stuff like that..

A: 60×4/65×4/75×4/80×4
B1: 115×5/125×5/135×5/140×5 my last rep felt ugly.
B2: 4 GHD, 8 BE/ 5 GHD, 7BE/ 4 GHD, 8 BE/ 5GHD, 7 BE

A: 115×4/135×4/155×3/155×4/165×3
B1: 135×5/165×4/185×4/195×3

Thanks Kris!

A: 55×4/60×4/65×4/70×4/75×3
B1: 45×3/50×4/50×5/50×5/60×5 This timing was hard.
B2: 12/12/10and 5 BEX/6and 9BEX

A. 135×4/155×4/165×4/175×4/190×2
B1. 135×4/155×4/175×4/175×4/ (was stuck on 4 reps from A.)
B2. 8+7/11+4/8+7/8+7/ raises + extensions

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