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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A.  Back Squat –  3reps x 6 sets @ 30×1, rest 2-3 minutes

B.  GHD raise – 10-15 reps x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

B2.  Sit-ups – 15-20 reps x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets of back squat to comments.  In B1 and B2 work on speed of the movements.

Comments: 19

A. 55/62/66/75/80/82.5 squats are always hard but lifting shoes were nice
B1. 5 raises /5 back extensions
B2. Sets of 20 situps
Thanks for the coaching on back squats. Your back squats were great Olga!
Rick was looking really strong on his front squats this am.

A. worked to 105#
B1. 15 reps each set, unassisted
B2. 20 reps each set, with ab mat
Thanks Michelle and Colin, I had fun! Great work 6ers!

A: 75 lbs worked on the tempo
B: practiced GHD raises and did 20 situps
Thanks todd

A. 265/275/285/295/305/305
B. just went until my form failed don’t think i made it beyond 8 or 9 reps
B2. 15 X 4

Did 4×15 back extensions (can’t read instructions real well)
4×20 situps

A. worked up to 210×3(PR)
B1: 15/15/12/9
B2: 20 all sets
A. 65/75/85/95/105 – dropped weight to 75 to practice staying upright
B1: 7 to 8 GHD raise and the remaining in the set back extensions
B2: 20 all sets
Thanks Ali for all your help with my back squats and GHD raises.

A:115/125/155/180/185 stopped here due to time
C: I only did 12X4
Thanks Ali!! Nice work tonight Anita and everyone in the 5:00!!

A: 95/125/135/155X2/155X2/145 (at 155 I thought I had 145 on the bar – couldn’t understand how it got so heavy so fast)

B1: Pounded them out with a couple of pauses in the last set.
B2: Greased lightning – about 1 per second – all sets.

A: did front squat x1 rep and worked up to 150# (PR)
B1: 15×4 rounds
B2: 20x 4 rounds

Crossfit total from Tuesday=480
Press: before TT=70#, after=82.5#
Back squat: before TT=170#, after=182.5#
Deadlift: before TT=185#, after=215#

A) 185 / 200 / 215 / 230 / 235 / 245 1 then fail

B) 15 / 10 / 10 / 10 (did 5 back extensions after in sets 2-4)
B2) 20 / 20 / 20 / 20

A: 165lbsx3; 185lbsx3; 205lbsx3; 225lbsx3; 245lbsx3;265lbsx3
B1: as rx’d
B2: as rx’d

great class, i love squats, thanks for the help Ali!

A. Worked up to 130
B. 12/15/15/15 – used bars to push off
C. 20/20/20/20 as rx

Thanks Ali and 5:00 class!

Great class this morning!

A. 95/115/120/120/125/130, tried 140×1 (PR)
B1.13reps x 4sets
B2. 20reps x 4sets

Thank you for the push Colin and Michelle, no more spongy shoes!

A: 185/225/245/265/285

B: 5 mins of clean, t2b, wb – 3 rounds.

A: 135/155/165/165/175/185 – legs felt weak; tried to make sure body position was solid
B1: 15 reps with a bit of help off of the handles
B2: 20 reps, 2 sets anchored, 2 sets unanchored.

Thanks Ali! Great work 7pm crowd, always great to see that many people at a WOD.

Practiced with Brent for Saturday
Also worked on muscle ups. Cannot figure the timming out. Really frustrating! How much longer do i have to live with this crux??

A. worked up to 255
B1. 15/15/15/15
B2. 20/20/20/20
Thanks Ali

A. 75/95/105/115/125
B1. 1st rnd as rx’d but started to pike so did last 3rnds of extentions (15×3)
B2. 20×4
Thanks Ali! Great working with you Katie, you did amazing on your back squat.

A: 3×185, 3×225, 3×245, 3×265, 1×275

B: 5 mins of 5-145# clean, 10-t2b, 15-20#wallballs – 3 rounds+2 cleans

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