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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 2, 2009


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

Coach’s notes:  Post number of rounds completed to comments.


Compare to September 7, 2008



Comments: 20

Great Photo.
Kimmer looks solid.

sub’d jumping pu’s (tried to make each count – chin above the bar) & push-ups from the knees…19 rounds + 5 pu’s & 4 push-ups

12 rounds band pull ups and push ups from knees

10 rounds. + 2 chin ups. band pull ups and push ups from knees

Mo: 12 rounds + 4 pull-ups as rx’d.
Feels like I turned a kipping corner today…thanks Trevor!

12 + 8 push ups. as rx’d

Thanks Trev for keeping me going

Blaine: 17 + 4 + 9 as rx’d
Rebecca: 17 + 4 (push ups from knees).

I suppose that would be 17 + 5 + 9…..

Neil 12 rds + 5 pullups
Judy 10 rds + 10 squats
Great having you coach us again Trevor!

Well done everyone tonight. It was awesome to coach at CFCHQ

Judy – blue band for pullups and pushups from knees
Neil – blue band for pullups

12 rds + 5pu (blue band assisted pull ups – kipping – thanks Brett!) first 6 rounds of push ups from toes, next 4 were 5 from toes, 5 from knees, last 2 rounds were from knees. Thanks Trevor!

14 Rounds + 5 pullups + 1 torn callus

Not as METCON as it probably should have been due to pushups being crappy. 🙂
2nd wod in the books and excited to be a part of crossfitcalgary!!

P.S. Umm… if anyone comes accross a cell phone left at the gym… it’s mine. HTC touch, dark blue. Left there at the 8pm session. oopsy

10 rounds + 5 pullups
3 rounds (no band and pushups on toes). 7 rounds (band and knee pushups)
Cramped up a bit on the right calf after workout.

Francis, your cell phone was picked up and left in the office.

14 + 2 pullups

11 rounds + 5 pullups
Went to blue band on 2nd round of pullups because I knew things were going to suck by the end.
Went to knees on pushups in the third round.
Squats as Rx’d.

14 + 9 pushups as Rx’d.
Thanks Trevor! Got to get 15 next time!

16 as rx’d

10 rounds +5 pull-ups + 7 push-ups
Pink band pull-ups and pushups from toes. I also practiced kipping and I was able to do 2 in a row. This, of course, was before my workout. Progress gained!

26 rds + 5/10/3 as Rx’d

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