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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 16, 2020

At Home WOD:

A1.  Milk Jug Front Rack Split Squat – 45-60s/leg @ 3030 X 5 sets, rest approx. 60s

A2.  Hamstring Curls – 15-20 reps @ 20X1 X 5 sets, rest approx. 60s

A3.   Push-ups – 45-60s @ 3030 X 5 sets, rest approx. 60s


A1.  Dumbbell Suitcase Split Squats – 8-12 reps @ 3030 X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A2.  GHD Raises – 6-8 reps X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Push-ups – 45-60s @ 3030 X 5 sets, rest 60-90s

Coach’s notes:

Post results for all sets of At Home and “regular” WOD to comments.

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Comments: 3

Ow. Those squats.

Pushups from paralettes with feet elevated because I’m trying to work on my depth and strength in that position/variation for goal of planche pushups.

Thanks Brett!

Squats with a single 20# DB.
Hamstring curls – at least 15 per round. Started with 20 for the first two rounds.
Push-ups – managed to do 60s from the toes with pretty continuous movement for the first three rounds. Had to drop to the knees about mid-way through the last two rounds.
Thanks Brett!
Great job 6:30 and 9:00am!

This one was definitely tougher than I had realized! The squats and the pushups at the 3030 tempo made these hurt quick.. rest day after this one..

Thanks Brett and 1pm! 👍🏼💪🏻

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