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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 rounds for time(s):

Row 500 m

15 Deadlift  205#/135#

25 Push ups

Rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Post times for all 3 rounds to comments.

Comments: 20

Did three rounds easy getting ready for police half marathon on Sunday
Used 85# for DL’s rnd 1 and 75# for rest
Pushups were strict and broken into 3 efforts 10-7-8
About 5:00 per round
Thanks Colin and Michelle for the coaching and coming on this snowy day.

Great pic! Does this make me famous?

1. 4:17 @ 95#
2. 5:12 @ 100#
3. 5:06 @ 100#
Pushups strict, broken into 10-5-5-5
Thank you Colin and Michelle, that was fun!

Hello everyone. I’ll be DJ’ing the Western Canadian Qualifier next month as well as doing some of the announcing. If any of the participants or any of you have any good song suggestions to be played during the competition, please feel free to email me at rhyno62@shaw.ca. I look forward to seeing many of you again in Vancouver next month.


Ryan Jarvis

row times: 1:42, 1:43, 1:37
rd times: 2:52, 3:07, 3:48
pushing last row messed up final rd pretty good.

DL 120#
pushups roughly 8 strict the rest from knees on the way up
5ish clock stopped working/5:46/6:08
need to focus on not rounding my back.
Thanks Michelle and Colin for all your advice

Trevor, I’m not sure if this makes you famous but Gord doesn’t look real impressed.

As rx’d


Thanks to everyone who yelled at me during round 3. It worked.

as rx’d

3:09/4:05/ 5:46
hit failure on the push up during round 2 and it is downhill from there

As Rxd. (Push at times were questionable)

Neil – as rx’d 4:36/5:59/5:49
Judy – pushups from knees 5:50/6:58/7:21
Thanks Michelle and Colin – you guys bring alot of great energy into the class; sorry Neil I know you thought it was because of you
Great to see you again Olga – thanks for all your kind words.

115# DL – pushups from knees
Tough but fun!

3:44/4:48/5:35 ewww.
Glad I did it. Thanks Colin and Michelle for the fantastic coaching- I agree with Judy above! However, Neil- you bring great energy too:) Colin- great tunes! Nice work 5ers!!

Row times: 1:46/1:46/1:46
Round times: 3:14/3:46/3:58
Last round was tough to hold the row time, DL’s and PU’s felt strong (UB first round, broken 2nd and 3rd round).
Jeff, you’re right… he wasn’t impressed 😉

Thanks for a great class Michelle and Colin!

Forgot my paper at the gym, so from memory
as RxD
Rows 1:46/1:48/1:52
DL all Rnds Unbroken
PU were broken all rnds

Loved Colin’s playlist! Thanks for the support Michelle!

As Rx’d (yay!)
*forgot to write down row times, last one was 2:07.
total time 23:50
thanks colin and michelle, you two are a welcome kick in the ass! 🙂

As Rx’d (insert smiley face here)…4:48/ 5:42/ 5:20…total time of 21:50 minus 6 min rest for work time of 15:50. Went in thinking of 165 dl but Colin pushed me to the 205…lots o’ stretching tonight! PU’s were broken and done from feet. AWESOME class, thanks Michelle and Colin.

row times: 2:30/2:20/2:00

rounds 3:37/4-something minutes/6 minutes????

deadlift @ 155

good wod, thanks michelle and thx colin for rowing tip

4:28 / 4:19 / 4:44

Deadlift @ 135lbs, didn’t write the row times, all between 1:50 and 2:05.
8 push ups from toes rounds 1 & 2, rest from knees
5 push ups from toes round 3, res from knees

4:09 / 3:43 / 4:54

Great class, great music!
Thanks Michelle and Colin.

As rx’d

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