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T-shirt slogan voting station

Thanks to all who contributed their ideas for the CrossFit t-shirt contest.  We were amazed at the number and quality of the submissions and look forward to seeing them on the shirts of class participants.  Now it is your time to vote.  Please select one of the following slogans that you feel should be chosen to be printed on the new CrossFit Calgary t-shirts.   You have until Wednesday February 13 to vote.  After that, the voting station will be closed and the results will be tabulated.  The slogan with the most number of votes will be chosen to be printed on the new CrossFit Calgary t-shirts.  Thanks again CrossFit Calgary members!

*To vote click beside your choice and press the first “Submit Query” button.  This will bring you to a page where you you need to click on your choice again.  At the bottom of this second page you press “Vote” and then your vote will be entered.  After your vote is entered you may click on the second “Submit Query” button to see the results to date. 


Which CrossFit Calgary slogan do you think is the best?
Popeye has spinach – I have CrossFit
Hurts so good
Do it til it hurts
You can cry, just don’t act like a baby
Where masochistic fools unite
Do the CrossFit dance
Got intensity?
Check your ego at the door
Have you got what it takes?
Impossible is nothing
Impossible means I’m possible
My sport is fitness
Pain is my instructor
Yay burpees!
You’ll pass out before you die
Kip it up
CrossFit – all the things you hated in gym class
Pain is weakness leaving the body
Blood is replaceable. Sweat is expected. Tears are optional
Just when you thought you were fit
Not for the faint hearted
Building superior athletes one hellish workout at a time
Specialize in nothing. Excel in everything
Nothing to it, but to do it
You can rest when you’re dead
No blood. No sweat. No t-shirt.
What am I training for? Life.
It’s okay to stare. Just don’t interrupt.
Forging elite fitness one torn callus at a time.
Work hard. See results.

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CrossFit Calgary: Where the Elite Unite

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