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T-shirt Contest

CrossFit Calgary will be ordering t-shirts which will be available for sale in the upcoming weeks.  Before this happens, we’d like some ideas for slogans that you feel are suitable for CrossFit Calgary and CrossFit in general.   We are looking for slogans that capture the CrossFit Calgary experience, summarize the post-workout feeling, or are simply clever.  The best slogans submitted will be chosen to be printed on the shirts and will be sold at the Optimum Performance Training facility.

The CrossFit Calgary t-shirt slogan contest is now closed.  The slogans have been collected and put into a poll to be voted on.  The slogan with the most number of votes will be chosen to be printed on the new CrossFit Calgary t-shirts.  To those who submitted their ideas, good luck and thanks to all for your support!

To vote on the submitted slogans, click here.

Comments: 67

Popeye has spinach — I have crossfit!

Hurts so good.

Pukie says “leave it all on the table”

Time + Effort = Results
(Sadly, woke up @ 3 with this on the brain.)

Work hard, see results!

Do it ’til it hurts

Pains Now, Gains Later

You can cry-just don’t act like a baby!!

I might need a tent sized one!

‘Til it hurts…and then some.

Making boot camps everywhere look easy!

Where masochistic fools unite.

That was a great workout! Oh, wait that was just the warm-up…

Some girls go to the gym…HOT CHICKS Crossfit!

I dare you to try it.
Do the CrossFit Dance
CrossFit Calgary… tough like Alberta Beef (had to throw in a Calgary slogan!)

has anyone else been repeating things in their head all day??!!!

“CrossFit Calgary… tough like Alberta Beef” I like that one OPTMommy, which gives me an idea, I’m going to have to borrow some of the wording from that

here are a few I’ll throw out there
“Crossfit Calgary…Made in Alberta, Powered by Crossfit”
“Elite Fitness at work”
“Crossfit Calgary – Warning: Xtreme performance inside!”
“Crossfit Calgary – More Horse Power than NoS, no refills needed”

Check your ego at the door.

Crossfit Calgary…Have You Got What It Takes?

Crossfit Calgary…Feed The Addiction!

Sweat Creates Results

My Friend said join Crossfit It’s Fun…. I’m still Waiting
It only hurts the first couple of times….NOT!!
One More Time For Fun
Just One More..Then you can Rest

Crossfit Calgary: Impossible is Nothing!!
You Know When It’s Crossfit!

“Impossible means I’m possible”

From OPT’s CrossFit.com interview: “Fitness is Sport” or “My Sport is Fitness”.

A collage of all 10 CrossFit elements on the back of the shirt ie., Power, Agility, Speed etc. “CrossFit Calgary” on the front. May need a little design work on the 10 elements to make it look good.

“Power = Intensity”

“If you aren’t nervous before your workout, it probably isn’t hard enough”

“fitness is my sport”

“pain is my instructor”

“get uncomfortable”

“Leave your excuses at home”
“Stay warm…. CrossFit”
“The real meaning of Community”
“Yay burpees”


You’ll pass out before you die!


“Kip it up”

“Skippers Double Up”

Todd Dyer says” CROSSFIT all the stuff you hated in gym class. “

You could make the t-shirt really old school i.e. brown with orange piping like your old junior high P.E. shirt.

I like OPT’s nervous one.
Coach’s comment – whip it out…I’ve got the ruler.
Clean This!!!!

My thoughts:
– Pain Reinvented
– Endorphin Junkies Anonymous
– The Science of Fitness
– Love Your Body – Make It Hate You
– Only the Strong Survive
– “This Will Be Fun”
– Step Into The Pain
– Citius, Fortius, Magis Poena (adapted from the Olympic Motto – “Faster, Stronger, More Pain”)
– “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” (quote by Tom Sobal)

A couple more:
– Beyond Fit
– Motion Devotion
– Embrace the Pain
– Blood is Replaceable. Sweat is Expected. Tears are Optional.

here are 2 slogans

– You have no idea.

– Just when you thought you were fit.

Yeah if Alberta beef was tough we wouldn’t eat it.

Deeper, Harder, Faster, STRONGER! – Gotta love this stuff!

Here are my suggested slogans:

“My bastard friend Shane (or fill in the blank) said this would be good for me….”

Or how about “Crossfit – I’d run away – if I could still use my legs!”

Or “PUKE CLASS – brings out the best”

A few more:
– Find Your Breaking Point
– “Sore” To New Heights
– Too Tired To Be Witty
– This is madness – THIS IS CROSSFIT (stolen from 300)

And not for serious consideration (just to poke some fun):
– Because “Hell” Was Copyrighted
– Keeping Physiotherapists in Business
– Everyone Loses
– Prove You Have a Pair
– Be Like Brett
– By “Cross” we mean “Extreme” and by “Fit” we mean “Pain”

Crossfit Calgary
Got Intensity?

Sorry – no logo — just wanted to say what a great response, I keep checking almost hourly. And whoever “zylen” is — you are one funny dude / dudette.

Borrowing from Joseph Campbell:

Say yes to adventure; Start the madness.
Cross Fit Calgary

Crossfit – not for the faint-hearted

Crossfit – whiners not allowed

Crossfit- building superior athletes one hellish workout at a time.

The first 15 minutes are easy… (Stole this one from Brett Tonight)

Crossfit – no escape…no surrender

Crossfit – Work your weakness, or
Specialize in nothing, excel in everything, or
There is no Core workout today! It’s a Crossfit Day!

Get sexy

Crossfit – Suffer a little…..

It sounded like a good idea at the time…

I did this to myself

Have you met “Pain”
and his friend, “Lactic Acid”

Crossfit Calgary – Crazy Fitness Training

“You want me to do WHAT?”
“150 Wallballs? Get the Car!!!” (Complimets of this Thursday’s Class)
“Is that Legal”
“You want me to do WHAT?”
“F*&K That”
“Did I pay for this?”
“I may walk funny, but I look better then you”

Ok obviously they are getting sad now, maybe sleep will bring on better ideas!

“You want me to do WHAT?”
“150 Wallballs? Get the Car!!!” (Complimets of this Thursday’s Class)
“Is that Legal”
“You want me to do WHAT?”
“F*&K That”
“Did I pay for this?”
“I may walk funny, but I still look better then you”

Ok obviously they are getting sad now, maybe sleep will bring on better ideas!

nothing to it, but to do it

no sweat, no tears, no shirt

Warning: Staircases to be avoided. (or in my case, bookshelves)
Make a sweat angel
You’ll be walking like Bambi on ice in no time!
“The harder you work, the sooner you’ll get to rest”
Crossfit – it’s some kind of torture
It’s okay to like it that much
You might want to make a run for it…
Making miracles happen (who knew it was humanly possible to do that many squats / wall balls / push ups, etc… ??)

How about…..
You can rest in the after-life
You can rest when you are dead

Here is another…..
Have you met my friends… PAIN & SUFFERING!

“Ultimate fitness”

“Nothing compares”

“The purest Love-Hate relationship”

WOD as rx’ed
… almost met Puky
…Next time I’ll try harder

CrossFit Calgary-Forging Elite Fitness…one torn callus at a time.

– Replacing Chinese Water Torture Since 2001
– The First Rule of Crossfit is “There is no Pain in Crossfit”
– Rest Is For The Weak And The Dead
– The Pain Is In Your Head (and Neck, and Arms, and Legs, and…)
– How Yoda Really Trained Luke
– Work ’til You Drop. Drop ’til You Work.
– Literally Floored
– Directions: Work, Hurt, Repeat.
– Highly Contagious: May Cause Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, and an Increased Risk of Fitness
– Optimist: 10 Done Pessimist: 140 Left Crossfitter: 2 Easy
– Like A Friendly Kick In The Crotch

They are Long, Hard and Make you Gasp!
Or Calgary Crossfit Trainers

No Blood, No Sweat, No T-Shirt

Crossfit Calgary-Define ‘Cult’

“Hey, what are you training for?”
“CrossFit – it is just fitness leaving the body”
“Chuck Norris uses CrossFit”
“There is no recess in this school”
“May hurt at first, but its something you will get use to”
“If viewing from above, it must have been a PB”

“Hey, what are you training for? Life”

“Precrossfit: You want me to do what
Postcrossfit: Sweet”

“Crossfit, we make it look really, really really, hard”

“It’s OK to stare, just don’t interrupt”

“How many reps do I have left?,…126….no I’ll just be a minute”

“Toast…and I’m not talking about breakfast”

“Bicep curls?….that’s cute”

“Yes, it does look easy doesn’t it”

Random Coach Glassman Quote: “People ask me, ‘what do I do for abs?’… I tell them, ‘stabilize the mid-line like a motherf@#!er, that’s what you do’.”

I have never had so many girls KICK MY ASS!
But I like it!

May I never be complete.
May I never be content.
May I never be perfect.
Deliver me, Crossfit, from being perfect and complete.

CrossFit Calgary – Fitness is our sport
CrossFit Calgary – yeah it’s hard…so what are you waiting for!
CrossFit Calgary – preparing you best for what my lie around the corner
CrossFit Calgary – I may win or I may lose but I will never be defeated

Expect Excellence Crossfit Calgary

We are not better, we are not worse, we are just different!


CrossFit – What you’ll still be doing when your friends move into the nursing home.

CrossFit – The Fountain of Youth.

Crossfit – No one said staying young wasn’t going to be hard work.