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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thruster Ladder 1-15

Coach’s notes:  For this WOD you must perform 15 sets of thrusters without breaking up the sets, however, you must set the bar down between each set.  In other words, perform the first set, which is one thruster by picking the bar up from the ground, doing the thurster and then returning it to the ground.  For the second set perform 2 thrusters, again starting from the ground and ending the set by returning the bar to the ground.  Continue in this fashion through 3, 4, 5, etc.  Remember you cannot break the set up.  For example if you are in round 10, you must perform all 10 reps without putting the bar back on the ground.  If you fail before rep 10 you must redo that set.  Thus rest as you see fit between sets so as not to fail.  Guys use 85 lbs and gals 55 or scale the load as required.  Heads up, this is 120 reps.

Compare to January 17, 2009

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Did Hero WOD ‘Michael’ this morning at CFC
3 rounds of 800m run, 50 back ext., 50 sit ups
17:35 (PR) – 4.5 weeks post op, 1st time running.

Legs were feeling a bit sore from yesterday. 13:29 as rx’d. Great job Krista and Audra, way to push through that last round.

Made it to round 13 as rx’d and then failed on 10, 8, 7 reps for the 14th round.
Lowered to 45# to get 14, then failed at 8 on the 15th round before getting it.

I’m not sure I would have finished the last round without the extra encouragement from DJ and Jenny – thanks guys! 🙂

Started as rx’d and made 11 + 6, dropped to 75# and failed 12 (should have rested longer), then cleaned everything else up at 65#. Took just under 42 minutes by the end of it. 🙁

I definitely wouldn’t have finished without DJ and the cheer squad to keep me moving. Thanks guys!

Scaled to 65#

Worked up to 15th round but failed on the 13 rep.

Repeated and finished @ 20:24

12:52 as rx’d holy smoke that was hard! Thanks DJ!

Thanks DJ for the OPT 3 couching.

215# front squat x 3, PR for 1 by 15#’s
120#s 2 x snatch PR
13 pull ups PR

15:30 I think. Forgot to check the clock immediately when finished.
Used 45lbs.

15:15 as rx’d – thanks DJ
holy smokes Katie – you are a machine!! seriously kicking some great butt!!!

24:21 as rx’d


Just a note from yesterday I just want to say how proud I was seeing so many people come together for such a fantastic event. Huge thanks to Kris, Todd and Trevor for organizing and to all the athletes, spectators, counters and people out supporting and cheering. I think this was a fantastic event and really a true testament of the Crossfit Calgary community.

A big thank you to Chris, Trevor, Chantal, and Todd; and everyone else for running the day yesterday.

Great job today Pierre on Michael with one wing. You need to go on the board for that one! Who writes down the names up there? Must be someone very tall.

Hello Everyone,
I am still pretty new to this, but I am getting to know some of you as I am coming about 3 times a week now. I am Jenni, Alvaro said I better start posting if I want to keep track because I will never remember. Anyhow I was with Amy this morning and did 45lbs in about 30 mins. I think. I am not really in the habit of timing yet. I am just really happy to finish. Next time I will be faster. Thanks for all of your help everyone in the last month 1/2.

Done on the 28th

Failed on 9 of 12th round
Scaled back to 75#’s
quit at 10 on 14th round at 25:13

Katie is a strong woman. Now I am motivated.

I saw Huey doing this one today, and figured I may as well play catch up too.

23:29 as rx’d.

I definitely took too long of breaks in the early sets, with me taking 13 minutes to finish the first 12 rounds. The last 3 took over 10 with the required breaks. I still do my thrusters in full rack position, so by the end my wrists were fried, and the rest was more needed for my wrists than anything else.

Catching up. Done on Monday.
As rxd with 85’s=18:38. Got stuck at round 13 twice.
Katie you are a beast with that number…well done!

did this on the 29th…

10:52 as rx’d

Thanks to Lindsey for the encouragement on those last painful (physically and mentally) rounds!!!!

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