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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, October 18, 2009

 Bodyweight Deadlift on the Minute

Coach’s notes:  Post number of minutes to comments.

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Comments: 24

BW 175# – 12 min

As Rx’d (bwt = 165)
15 min + 14

125 lb DL (bwt=135)
13 min + 7

Thanks to everyone for the serious push on this one. I think I was somewhere else on the last two rounds.

Beware of this WOD!!!! 😉

As rx’d @ 120#
10 rounds even. Could have done a few reps in minute 11, but opted against it because my low back was cramping and hurting pretty bad.

BWT = 185#
13 Min + 9 as rx’d.

Did BW – 150 lbs
14 rds +10

Rebecca completed 12 min + 7

As RX: 155 Ibs

17 Rounds + 11

125lbs (bw 140)
15 rounds even. I didn’t realize until later that I probably could have cranked out at least 5-10 more in round 16.
I was beside Katie for this workout. Her speed was unbelievable! It was the reason I made it through round 15.

As rx’d 145lbs 13 rds+ 7. This was just painful physically and even more so mentally. Thanks for the push guys.

125lbs (bw=138)
I made it to 12 rds and just could not do any more. Some really strong girls in this class. Karen awesome job and Katie you are a machine.

12 min/rounds @ 125 lb DL (bwt = 132) this is a tough one!
Thanks 9 am class!! Rebecca.. nice! and Blaine you kicked it! impressive!
Karen… wow!! you did amazing! nice job! sounds like Katie was on fire too!! nice work everyone!
Thanks for another good one Brett

As rx’d 132.5 18 rds+17 (so close)
Thanks for the push from the 10 am class and Brett too. I’m a little worried about tomorrow as I am already sore.
Karen you’re so sweet. You did amazing and yes you could have gone further for sure.

You killed this one, Katie! You’re a MACHINE!

as rx’d
145# (way more than 50% of 1RM) round 7+5
then did rounds 10, 12, and 13 at 115# just for fun.

12 + 10

Great idea for a workout!

Katie…you showed great stamina in this work-out! I agree with Karen…….by having you next to us…it was motivating! 🙂 Good Work!

Katie you are amazing!!!! Nice work. Great job as well Karen, wow.

With the brother in Vancouver.

Me: BW 170, 6’2″, 15 + 9
Mitch: BW 145, 5’7″, 14 + 7
Grumpy about no chalk, my hands were like little swimming pools. Left hand kept slipping off the bar.

Bench x 5
Me: 105/115/125/130/135 PR by 10 lb
Mitch: 105/115/125/130
135×1, 145×1 (BW)

Nice one Katie!

19 rds + 6
felt good through 18 then started #19 and wow just finished with a sec to spare
lower back was burning

175 lbs
14 rounds – 4 reps
13th round was tough…had 10 seconds to rest before 14th round.

Not BW scaled to 115lbs. 14 mins even. Katie and Eva you are very inspirational!

great WOD- will have to make this one up!

Playing catch-up..did WOD on Monday.
180 lbs
16 rounds – 11 reps.

caught up to this one today as i allowed myself to do whatever workout i wanted…

AMRAP strict pull-ups… 10

toes to bar tabata for low score… 4 (grip failed)

BW deadlift on the minute… 150lbs… 16 complete + 8… everything was feeling so good… it went from doing the rounds straight thru in rounds 15 and lower… round 16 was 8+8 and then trying for 17 went to triple, double, singles!

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