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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hang Snatch  2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Coach’s notes:  Remember that the catch is full squat catch.  Post max load to comments.

Comapre to March 13, 2009

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yah matty m!

Matt call me at 383 9298.

Hey Matt,
Thanks for being a part of the Crossfit Calgary community, we are sad to see you go. Good luck out east!


I failed a bunch of times on the way up through the weights, but it was getting better as I warmed up. I managed 1 rep at 122.5, but I caught the second too far forward (like most of my fails today). My last snatch for load was a 1RM power snatch in August at 130, so I think this was a reasonable day for hang squat snatch.

Rick worked from 45lbs up to 80lbs
Adelle worked from 32-42 lbs. Failed at 47. Had trouble getting into the squat with the higher weight.


yeah! got to practice this! didn’t go higher than 65 but liking the fact that this move is coming! Thanks Brett! awesome!
Matty, drive safe – good luck back home and in school and all that fun stuff! It’s been great seeing you in the am classes and having fun with the wod’s! All the best in whatever you do – you’ll be great! Hope to see you back at X-fit Calgary .. whenever!!! Take Care!!!
Love the pix!!

Got to 65 and then tried 70 but for some reason couldn’t get under it…then ran out of time. Thanks for the great coaching as always Brett. Matt good luck in Halifax – life’s short so do what you love!

Got tp 90, failed alot on the way

All the best Matt-we are all going to miss you!!!

52, 57, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82

84.5 x1 new 1 rm

Hey Matt,
Came in to say good bye this morning, but unfortunately missed you. You added so much to the CrossFit Calgary community (there were lots of laughs in the morning classes!!!) and you’ll be missed a lot. All the best with this next part of your journey!!!

Worked up to 45 lbs
Could have gone a bit heavier but easing back in after time away. Can feel that I’ve lost ground.

Good luck with everything Matt, we will miss you at CFC. Have a safe trip back East and come back to visit.

Did Lynn = 83

had planned on doing both as I am so inept at snatches. These need work on so many levels.

Snatched 45#’s and 55#’s before I realized I cannot do both at one session and get a legit score for either.

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