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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deadlift  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Post load to comments.

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I need WODs for the road.
No free weights here. Only DB!!
Send them to me in an email please
chau y gracias!!!!!


cfmoncton.files.wordpress DOT com/2009/02/comprehensive-bodyweight-workout-list-v15 DOT pdf

330# SumoDL
Switched to Sumo DL today. First time ever doing sumo. Beat my traditional DL PR by 30#.

Blaine: maxed out at 345#
Rebecca: 245 for a big PR!

Thanks for the tips Laura!

245, 265, 285, 315, 335, 355, 365 (PR), 375 (FAILED)

Worked up to 275 – it certainly wasn’t pretty – I need to work on squeezing my shoulders together. Thanks Laura. Great work today in the 10 am class!

3 x 5 @135#
1 x 3 @225#
1 x 3 @255#
1 x 3 @265#
1 x 1 @275#
1 x 1 @285#
1 x 1 @300#
1 x 1 @310# (PR)
1 x 1 @320# (PR)
1 x 1 @330# failed
Thanks Laura


1 x 5 @ 115
3 x 5 @ 135
2 x 5 @ 155
1 x 3 @ 165
1 @ 175
1 @ 185
1 @ 195
1 @ 205
1 @ 215
Tried 220lbs but failed 2x.
Thanks Laura, great coaching. Katie I don’t even know what to say. You are amazingly strong!

Worked up to 165#, which is 11# less than my PR. 🙁 Oh well, wasn’t my day! I feel so weak compared to all the other ladies!
Amazing lifting today!!! Great work by everyone; incredible PR’s!!!
Thanks Laura; you made the class really fun. I loved your reenactments, and your giggle is just so great!

Had been stuck at 375 for the last year or so.
395 was stuck to the floor today on my bar.

Good job on the 400 Antigonish.

Also, wow on the lady who made it into the “Elite” classification!!

got up to 276#, pretty sure I could have pulled another 5#or so but ran out of time.
I love picking up heavy stuff!

Katie, you are so strong – INCREDIBLE lifting!


Thanks Laura, what a SERIOUS class… take a knee. 🙂

A reminder to the Targeted Class Gymnastics Class that we have a field trip to No Limits today at 4 pm for Parkour.

The address of the facility is 6027 – Centre Street South, only a minute from the Chinook LRT station.

See you there, Todd and Chantal

Up to 295, 10 lb PR. Failed at 305 twice.

WOW!!! holy strong girls!!!! Nice work Ali, Rebecca, Amy.. Katie-you amaze me!!!! and Anita – great job! Katrin – you too!
225 for me (pr) ran out of time to go up
Thanks Laura – fun day! great coaching!

I see a lot of people hitting PR’s today and then adding 10 pounds to the bar and failing. You must realize that when you get towards your PR’s you need to be adding a lot less weight. This is why there are 1.25 and 2.5 pound plates. Other than that, its nice to see people getting PR’s! Nice work!

Deejay, that totally makes sense now. When I went up another 10 pounds right before I failed it was like the weight was cemented into the floor.

234 for my first visit.
Thanks for the tips Laura and help.

I guess we should all post out 3-day “total”
This was the whole point of having the 3 lifts in 3 days

Back squat — 315
Shoulder Press — 160
Deadlift — 385


205 Tried 210 but failed. Maybe I should have tried 207.5. Thanks Laura and all for a great 10am class!

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