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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CFC Kids

1 round for time:

1000m Row

100 Sit-Ups

100 Squats

100 Push-Ups

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 9

Awesome handstand hold!!!

hmmm…the 100 pushups might take a little while 🙂 But my goal will be to do them all the strict form

20:04 (1500 ellip @ 110)

Blaine – 18:58
Rebecca – ? 17:??

My triceps are seriously aching!!!!

that was fun…

15:50 i think


Thanks for the encouragement Ali and Michelle!

Did Michelle get home ok? Once I got my car out, I had no where to stop and check to see if anyone needed a ride or anything.

think it was the wall balls on Friday that tweaked the shoulder this time, so no push ups today…did the following instead…
1000m row
100 GHD sit ups
100 squats
100 back extensions
Thanks McG. I got out fine.

Push ups were from the knees
Sit ups were anchored using the ab mat
Thanks Michelle and Ali!


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