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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, May 3, 2009

 300 Walking Lunges for time

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Important Reminder – Due to the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier there will be no classes running today (Sunday May 3).  Feel free to come cheer on fellow CrossFitters!


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A big thanks to all the CFC crew who volunteered. I am very appreciative of the effort that was put forth by all.
The Qualifier was the best run/organized event that I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with. CFC/OPT and all the people in the back ground deserve some great accolades.

Congrats to all the athletes as well. We (CFC/OPT) will be amazingly represented at the CF Games in Cali.

If you can go just to watch/cheer, I highly advise doing it.


Congrats to everyone that participated in the qualifier! Nice work by all!

K, I’m not allowed to complain about torn calluses ever again.

D 12:54

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