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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, May 11, 2008


With a continuously running clock do one knees to elbows (K to E) in the first minute, two K to E the second minute, K to E the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Coach’s notes:Β  Use as many sets each minute as needed.Β  Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Comments: 18

12 completed rounds – 85 reps in total.
(Not quite to knees yet).

Back extensions on the minute
35 rounds + 35 = 665

18 + 8
Great job Grant and kathleen

Under the weather again, Got through 8 minutes at the Y before i felt sick and had to leave πŸ™

11+11 DOH!

Neil 16 + 13
Judy 18 + 17

665 back extensions – ouch
started last Sunday on planning outdoor workouts for myself. Last week was all on the bike…30min riding followed flat sprints at 45 sec sprints/90 sec recovery x 6 then 30min ride home.
Today in Elbow Park – for time
50,40,30,20,10 reps of squats/push ups/sit ups with the addition of
10 push up burpies then 8/6/4/2…done after each round of sit ups = 17:15 sit ups and push ups slowed me down the most.

As Rx’d, 15+10

dj- 11+8
brittany- 14 + 14

Well done Judy and Neil.

Intent sounds like a great way to get in some outdoor workouts, lets hope the weather gets a little nicer.

a.m. Workout – 11k tempo run…Tempo as in I was running with a friend who is considerably faster than I am, she slowed her pace so I could keep up, and I still struggled πŸ™‚

CF WOD – 10. Knees a lot closer to elbows than they were a year ago. Still work to be done in that department.

13 + 12

My hands were toast (as in many skin tears from yesterday) but not bad as this is only the second time I have ever done KTE’s…thanks Grant for idea of kipping while doing KTE’s….helped tremendously….

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL CrossFit Moms!!

As X’ed
G: 18 +18
K: 15 +13

Kipping during KTE? Didn’t think of that one. Is it recommended/OK?
(I’ve always been doing KTE from deadhang)

Pierre and anyone else interested. Watch the knees to elbows demo on what is good.

16 and 13

Colleen- 15/3
Melissa- 19/19
Madison- 21/19

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