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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, March 28, 2010

“Canadian Crippler”

For time:

30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

15 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs)

400 m Run

30 Push Ups

15 Push Press or Jerks (135/85 lbs)

30 Squats

15 Front Squats (135/85 lbs)

400 m Run

15 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs)

30 Chest to bar Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 18

Congrats to everyone who participated in the sectionals — great job!

We scaled this one pretty much, it was a tough one.
Rick 13:34 DL 95#, PP & FrSq 52#
Adelle 15:08 DL 72#, PP & FrSq 42#, purple band for chest to bar.
Nice work everyone at 10:00 this a.m.

As rx’d 14:41
Came home late from Florida last night, so went with a moderate pace on this one. Felt like about 80% effort. Good effort Steve, and to all at 10am.

20:53 scaled
Used lighter weights than I could have and didn’t go hard. Wanted to have something left for TT this afternoon.
DL – 145lbs
PP and FS – 52lbs
Blue-band pull ups and push ups from knees
Didn’t do the last 10 PUs because my hands were going.

CFC/OPT had a pretty awesome showing at the sectionals! Congratulations everyone!

Special shout out to Chelsea, Awesome workl!!!

17:58… scaled to women’s weights on lifts. c2b’s weren’t bad, just didn’t have a second gear today- runs were slow, deadlifts were broken etc. was actually just happy to get thru this! great job at sectionals everyone! (there is a link on our main page to the sectionals results)

as Rx’d 21:08
This one is appropriatly named! For some reason the Push Press/Jerk
was my downfall

In the photo it may look like I’m bagged but I’m actually apologizing to the barbell for accidentally throwing it into the ceiling fan.

Well JeffL, being a team event, your apology shouldn’t be to the barbell.

Congratulations to all participants in the sectionals. Way to go Chelsea and Brett!

Rebecca: 18:10

Barbell Targeted Training
1 RM
Squat: 205 (PR)(Program start was 155)
Deadlift: 315 (non-competition PR) (Program start was 290)
Press: 0 (overuse injury)(Program start was 90)

As rx’d 37:16 on Friday. Heavy for me!

Big congrats to Chelsea, Michelle, Laura, Brett, David, Geoff, and Taylor! It was a pleasure getting to see you guys perform so well! It definitely was a neat experience participating in the sectionals even though I didn’t perform as well as I would have liked but all in all it was awesome to have given it a shot. Great job CFC/OPT!

Barbell TT Class


Squat: 210 (January 1rm was 165)
Deadlift: 245. Couldn’t achieve my competition (CFC2) PR of 270 . January 1rm was 225.
Press: 75. I have to work on this one. Jan. 1rm was 65.

It was a lot of fun to watch the sectionals! I would like to add Shelly, Ali and Jeremy to Evan’s list! Brett a monster as always!!! Someone in the crowd apparently said something like “look at this small guy trying to go with 230# OHS, refering to Brett as if he was out of his mind! Way to go Brett with 245#. You probably made a few guys shut up this weekend! πŸ™‚

Barbell TT Class
Deadlift – 230 (didn’t reach max but was running out of time, didn’t expect to get that heavy, January 1 RM was 195)
Press – 77.5 (January 1RM was 70)
Back Squat – 130 (again, didn’t reach max but out of time. Again, I didn’t expect to get this heavy. January 1RM was 75 – because Todd said not to go heavier because I needed to get technically stronger first)

I look forward to doing CrossFit Total again soon, on a day when I don’t do the Canadian Crippler beforehand. I’m very interested to see what my 1RMs actually are.

crossfit total

Deadlift 515 I failed 520 twice (480 when TT started)
Press 165 (155 when TT started)
Back Squat 365 (360 when TT started) was a bit rushed at the end and would have gone higher if I had more time

Congratulations to all participants in the sectionals.

Nice numbers to the TT barbell class! Karen, 210 is amazing!! Way to go! Unfortunately, I missed another class due to family commitments. I really enjoyed the classes I was able to attend and of course the coaching- thank you Todd and Chantel!
Also, fantastic results at the sectionals by our CFC atheletes. Congratulations!

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