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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, March 20, 2011

60 Front Squats
Coachs notes:  Load for front squat is body weight, taken from a rack.  For each break in the set there is a 12 burpee penalty.  Post time to complete, whether load was prescribed or scaled and sets to comments.

Comments: 15

In 6 rounds of 10 with 5 sets of burpees
Always need to practice front squats
Oh and not even close to my body weight.
Great work everyone at 9:00. Thanks Laura

Time was 15:45. Duh

Scaled to 135
Time: 22:40

Scaled to 115-my anorexic body weight
8 rounds of burpees, ohhh so FUN!!!
Nice work 900 am class!!! Thank you Laura….

13:08 as rx’d – BW 116 lbs (thank God for the 3 pound weight loss after 3 days of the flu!!! 🙂 )
60 burpees
Liked this one! Thanks Laura!

17:52 @ 178 lb bw
10/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/8/7 + 108 burpees.
Felt good and I should have done 10 and 7’s all the way through…
Good work everyone at 0900 class!

Front Squat 105lbs.
8 rounds of burpees (96)
Thanks Laura!

30:15 – but finally was able to hit this one with just over BWT at 165.
12 sets of Burpees! Yikes.

No time, had to leave early today.

145lbs – 10,10,10,10,6
Burpies – 12,12,12,12,24

Nice work Blaine!

I have lost my beloved sheet…so this is by memory..
8/8/7/7/6/6/5/4+1F/6/5/5- took loads and loads of rest unlike the machines above- 37 minutes I think- sloth like slow and burpees for seniors.
Good God, Audra, way to go!!!! Thanks Laura for the encouragement, always appreciated!

Oh, I did bodyweight – I need to get the flu….

29:35 – at 165# (35# less than BW)
11/5/7/7/7/8/8/7 + 84 Burpees
Felt I should have gone heavier…will next time

18:32 at 175lbs (72 Burpees)
12,10,10,8,8,9,3 Set of 9 should have pushed to 12 and finished. Burpees were all paced.

Back at it after a long hockey season.
BW 160#

Sunday’s wod 8/8/7/7/6/5/5/4/4/3/3 & 120 burpees in 49:57 (last time was 1hr 22 min)@ 170#. obviously better than last time but a long wod for me.

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