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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1 mile run for time

Coach’s notes:ย  Post time to complete to comments.

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That blonde chick in the foreground is like totally hot.

Oh my goodness…are we really doing 1mile run for time in class today?
Not complaining! Honest…just want to make sure i need to wear my outdoor gear and maybe take a nap before this one ๐Ÿ™‚
I really pushed it in my run yesterday. (even though I didn’t manage sub 50 min ๐Ÿ™ )

Good luck to Alvaro running the St.Patrick’s Day 5k run today – in the snow and -13 degrees.

It was too cold this morning and too much snow so in class the 1 mile run was subbed with 2000 meter row for time.

2000m row: 7:50.8 seconds…..my goal was to break 8 minutes so today was a good day….

Alvaro: Run St Patrick today. It was cold! Snow on the ground made it slippery.
5K went around 5 min after the 10 K people. Catched up with the slow people of the 10K, so not the greatest with all the snow on the ground. Crossing the finish line the clock for the 10K runners said 32 min. I suspect I did it in 26/27 min.
I’ve been sleeping since then! ๐Ÿ™‚

Did yesterdays WOD in class this afternoon:
round 1:
Tabata squat: 17(lowest)
AMRAP thruster (95lbs): 10
Tabata Sit-ups: 12(lowest)
Round 2:
Total = 97
Really hit a wall on tabata squats in second round. Squats aslo really put a hurt on my thrusters which I did not quite expect.

No footprints in the snow on the ground indicated no 1mile run today afterall but I WAS prepared…hat, mittens and long sleeves…

Yesterday’s WOD in class
round one:
Tabata squat: 22
AMRAP thruster (45#): 17
Tabata situps: 9
AMRAP k2e: 17

round two:
Tabata squat: 20
AMRAP thruster (45#): 17
Tabata situps: 9
AMRAP k2e: 20

Total= 131

As Rx’d (800m out and back, measured twice with GPS)
5min55sec. Had better miles, but that was on 6 running days/week.
Cooldown: Ring pullups and ring dips. Fun.

we all did 2 km row at class (Steve already did yesterday’s WOD).

G: 7:33, 27 s/m, 1:53/500m. Started finish kick @ 400m remaining (should have started sooner) & bigger kick @ 150m. Next time 27 s/m & under 7:30. Too relaxed today & not gassed enough at finish.

K 8:21, 28 s/m, 2:05/500m. Big kick @ 100m; next time start big kick @ 175m. Damper 8.

2km row – damper @8 – 8:33
Don’t have any of the other details (s/m etc.)!

Rick and I were at the St. Patrick’s Day run at the Red & White Club.
1 mile time: Adelle 8:30
Rick 7:30

Adelle 10K 55:25
Rick 10K 48:55

Cold and snowy, but just a light breeze and not too many hills. Great turn out! Really nice shirts!

Ran track at Y due to weather.

1 mile- 7:06

We did hand stands on the miinute to finish off.




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