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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, March 15, 2009


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:


15 Push-ups

20 Double Unders



Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 lbs for the SDLHP.  Post number of rounds completed to comments.

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Comments: 17

10 rounds plus 2 SDLHP

9 Rounds plus 10 SDLHP and 10 Push Ups. SDLHP with 42lbs

13 rds + 5 DU’s
Need to focus on getting bar as high as possible in SDLHP

13 rds + 5 DU’s
Need to focus on getting bar as high as possible in SDLHP

Blaine: 6 rounds + 10+15 (first on a 95lb SDLHP WOD, wowzers those are tough for me)
Rebecca: Something similar? ;)Weight as Rx’d, push-ups from knees.

9 + 10 + 9 (sub’d 42# SDLHP and kneeling push up’s).

Great class, awesome energy and output from all participants.

nice work EEEEEEEEErin

6 rounds plus 1 SDLHP (32Ib)
Last two rounds of push-up modified.

9 rounds + 3 SDLHP as rx’d.

In hindsight I feel I could have pushed myself harder on the SDLHPs, but as always the pushups were holding me back the most.

10 rds + 1 SDLHP…great energy today at all of the classes!!!

We did this one at Banker’s Hall together.

Rick 9 rounds – scaled SDLHP to 70#
Adelle 7 + 10 SDLHP scaled to 45#

Missed the energy that the CF classes have….

9 rounds + 5 SDLHP as rx’d

9 rounds + 6 sdlhp
Modified to 45lbs, 40 single skips.

my first drop in at the new facility! awesome place and great energy!
max clean 129.5(PB)

K: 8 rds + 10 +14 p-ups

Welcome back Leighanne and Amy – great to have the Moms have some quality WOD time.
Way to go Ali and Erin!

Subbed double unders for high knees jumps – 6 rounds +10 SDLHP + 15 PU

9 rounds + 10 + 8

10 Rounds + 7 SDHP

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