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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Todd, Gord and Laura


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:



Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 for the thruster, but you already know this.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to October 2, 2008

Due to city inspection and equipment shipment delays we will need to delay our CFC HQ opening by one week.  Classes will be operating out of OPT as usual from March 1, – March 7, 2009.  Official opening of the new facility will be on Sunday, March 8.  Membership fees will be prorated to reflect this delay.  For more information or inquiries please contact admin@crossfitcalgary.ca 


Comments: 11

Holy moly, there are going to be about 300 nervous pre-game pees tomorrow…

So…umm…what’s your point Geoff????

Blaine: 6:56 (PR)
Rebecca: 10:16 (PR)

Thanks to all for the great push on this one!!!

Having started cross-fit only about a month ago, I had my first “date” with Fran!

First set: 65 lbs for Thrusters and assisted with blue band for Pull-ups.
Second set: 65 lbs for Thrusters and assisted with green band for Pull-ups.
Last set: 45 lbs for Thrusters and assisted with green band for Pull-ups.

Time: 15.26 or 15.36???

Looking for to many more follow-up “dates” to come!

Aw man…..of course the good ones come up when I’m away. I guess I’ll have to give ‘er a go when I get home tomorrow.
Good Work Blaine and Rebecca!!!

4:36 as rx’d. Previous, Sept. ’08, 4:43
Awesome atmosphere at OPT today!!!

9:10 as rx’d. Last attempt was 14:00. Pretty good for me this time.

Not to take away from everyone’s great effort, but kudos to Rebecca! To go from (both of us) trying to get that first chin-up to you doing Fran “as rx’d” (while one of us still hasn’t mastered 2 chin-ups in a row!) your progress is incredible, and was remarkable to watch today.
For my Fran, well – I don’t play well with others so I just did a strength workout in the corner……

As many of you heard me say today, Fran is one of those workouts that has this unique and powerful combination of exercise movement, reps and load that results in people exerting efforts beyond which they are normally capable. As coaches we see this again and again with Fran. Not only is it one of my favorite workouts to perform, it is one of my favorites to watch. Thanks for the great efforts today.

8:23 as rx’d.

After we left and did the math in the car. We figured out that Charlie actually did 58 lbs instead of the 48 lbs that she planned on doing.

G: 3:56 PB [prev 4:48]
K: 5:32 PB [prev 7:11]
Way to go Sunday crew!

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