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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Complete all sets:

A.  3:00 Cumulative Total L-sit

B.  3:00 AMRAP Double Unders

C.  3:00 Max. Cal Row

D.  3:00 AMRAP Burpees

E.  3:00 Kettlebell Swings – 1.5/1.0 pood


Coach’s notes:

Complete in any order and post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 3

“Here to move” pace today.

L-sit: 2:00 accumulated
DU: 150
KBS: 45 or 50
Row: 46
Affiliate DL ladder: 47 seconds
Burpees to tall bar (6”ish): 30

Thanks Josh. Good sweat today. Good job 10am.

A: 2 minutes accumulated over about 10 minutes (I’m too easily distracted)
E: 86 UB aaannnd that pretty much ruined me for everything else.
B: 155 too many trips and too much rest.
D: 40
C: 33 recovery row.

Thanks Josh

In this order:
A: 5:20-ish
L-sits are hard. I went from 30 secs on, 10 sec off at the start, then 10 secs in 10 secs off (and shaking uncontrollably) at the end.

E: 82 (unbroken)
I went slow and steady and tried to open one hand then the other every swing. Hands started to cramp and not want to open around rep 60. Next time I think it would be better to do 15 fast reps with quick arm shakes then trying to go unbroken with slow reps.

B: 333 (tripped on 294)

Wanted to go unbroken on this one, but it didn’t happen. But 294 DU is the most I’ve ever done in a row.

C: 69 cals

Tried to pull around 1,500-ish cals/hour, then blackout for the last 30 secs. The blackout was basically maintaining the 1,500 cals/hr

D: 60

Went fast at the beginning and just hung on until the end. The world got a little black towards the last 20ish secs.

Great warmup Josh! Great job 9am.

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