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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, June 28, 2020

50 Cal Row/Ski/Bike, then complete

40, 30, 20, 10 rep rounds for time of:

Dumbbell Push Jerk – 40#/25#
Med Ball Switch Lunge

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 9

40# DB
20# WB

Bike: 2:50(ish)
Thought sub 15 was possible going into round of 20 but had to push for it. Some DB PP at the end when my legs stopped working.

Thanks Shannon. Great job 9am.

Used 35#DBs and 20#MB
Ski erg 3:30
First 40 push jerk were sloppy. Wasn’t standing all the way up before lowering. Thanks Ryan S.
Thanks Shannon.

Super great Sunday WOD! Probably should have scaled the Db weight a bit, I was way slower on the push jerk than I should have been, probably not the intended stimulus of the WOD, but on the other hand, I was happy I could get through 100 reps at that weight. No way in the world my shoulders could have done that a year ago. But I was sets or 5 right from the start, down to sets of 3 by the round of 20. Oh, and I used the bike, just under 4min for that. Thanks for the push at the end Sandy!
Thanks Shannon!


7.5# DBs
4# med ball
Bike 30 cals

Push jerks felt good. Tried to maintain good form throughout. Scaled to step back lunges. My knees don’t touch the floor yet but slowly getting there. Med ball was basically just there to give my hands something to do. After the bike I felt done right then and there but Shannon kept me going. Thanks for that! 😊

9:57 used rower and 45s (wasn’t quick enough to get 40s), 20# wall ball.
Thanks Shannon!

Row/PJ rx’d/14# ball

Had to break up the jerks a bit more than I wanted.
Switch lunges are annoying on their own but downright irritating with a med ball thrown in.

Damn, Ryan. 😳

Thanks Shannon

Yikes, that’s fast Mr. Ryan S. Nice work.


Used the rower, 40# dumbbell and 20# Med ball. First set of push jerk was to big (20). The rest of my sets were 10s.

Definitely felt yesterdays WOD of overhead lunges, jumps and sprints.

Fun WOD, grat warmup Shannon. Great work 10:15am!

19:00 Rx – Assault Bike
Started off well enough with 50 cal. in 4:07 (not exactly setting records, but good enough for my cardio-poor ass) and the first 20 reps in sets of 10. Then my right shoulder decided it was going to shut down and the remaining 80 push jerks became an exercise in frustration as I had absolutely no strength or stability in that arm. Med-ball switch lunges were what they were….
Came back from the COVID break feeling healthy, guess that honeymoon is over…back to being broken. 😐
Thanks Shannon

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