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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, June 26, 2022

On a 5:00 clock:
Every :30 perform:
2 power cleans
– Cleans must be performed as touch and go reps

For time:
Power cleans (65/95 lb)
Lateral hops over the barbell
Alternating barbell lunges
Lateral hops over the barbell

Coach’s notes:

Post load for each set in pre-workout and time to complete workout to comments.

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Comments: 2

Pre: all sets at 145. Worked on balancing pull and meeting the bar so I could stop assaulting my collarbones.

Workout: 12:15 Rx (Fram and I were pacing each other)
PC: 15/8/7 8/6/4/2 10
Lunges: All back rack and unbroken but slow
Hops: More like slow thuds except last 10 which were what DJ was asking for.

A) used 135
B) 7:07 Rx’d. Booty blaster.
Thanks DJ!

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