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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Complete each set for time in any order

  1.  Row 750m
  2. 75 Wallballs
  3. 75 GHD Sit-ups
  4. 75 KB Swings

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete each set, order and if you were able to go unbroken for any sets (NOT the rowing!!!).

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WB: 4:40(ish)
Situps: 6:50(ish)
KBS: 4:40(ish)
Row: 2:44

20# WB
Scaled situps to using wallball touching floor behind head and in front of shoes.
1.5pd KB

Thanks Kimmer!

KBS: 2:38 UB with 1p. Gotta go for a bigger unbroken set soon

Row: 3:11 still sucks

GHD: 4:14 rxd. Something tell me I’m going to regret these in a couple days……

WBs: started out with 14#. Did 10, 8 of which would have been no reps so switched to 10#.
5:35 Yup, these still suck too.

Great set up and coaching Kimmer!

KBS: Unbroken @ 1pd – 2:25
WBs: 14lb – 4:16
GHDs – 4:26
Row: 3:20

Everything felt really good until 280m left on the row, then everything kind of shutdown. Amazingly my back held up well for the kbs and shoulder felt good for the wbs. Might be something to sticking with ladies weights…I’ll have to see if I regret the GHDs in a couple of days.

Thanks Kimmer!!

Row: 5+ mins
WBS: barely managed to do 20 in 6 mins (broke up into 5s)
GHDs: scaled to 50 anchored sit-ups in 7 mins (15, 15, 10, 10)
KBS: .5 pd x 50 in 7 mins (15, 15, 20)

Time adds up to 30 mins with initial row warm up.
The wall balls were the worst for me. I’m actually surprised I managed to do even 20. My order consisted of wanting to get the worst parts over with. Although the rowing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I have a feeling that I’ll be supremely sore tomorrow 😂

Thanks Kim!

Forgot to put that for WBs I used 6#

These workouts are eating me alive!!!!!!

1. Wallballs – 3:2???, not totally sure, my last set of 10 were actually 1RM’s. I was not sure that I had the power to hit the target. I think it was unbroken other than dropping the ball once????? Honestly, don’t quite remember.

2. GHD – did not go as planned. My foot now locks up a bit and it decided to do so at about rep 10, had to stop at 12, then continued with the med ball option (thanks Coach Kim), then the last 20 or so simply did sit-ups with arms overhead, Geeezzzzz.

3. KB swings – Managed an unbroken set here relatively easily, 3:20 I think?

4. Row – 2:41.3, felt terrible.

I didn’t log my individual times but my overall time was 21 minutes.

KB swings – 1 PD
Situps – Med ball overhead
Wallballs – #14
Row – ….was rough.

I expected to be leveled after this one but I was happy with my pacing! Glad I got the KB swings over first doe the sake of my forearms.

Thanks for the push, Kimmer!

75 wb at 20#: 2:40


75 kettlebell swing at 1.5 pod: 3:14


67 GHD – 8 sit ups
3 mins-ish

750 m

Why was this so hard?!?

Thanks Kim, Great work 10:30am

wow, the cardio side of this was way more significant than the muscle strain.-
did not note my time on these, 30+ minutes overall i am sure.

75 -14# WB broken into 5’s.10’s, 15’s
75- 1 pd KB 15’s
25 – Med Ball overhead anchored situps, then 50 scaled GHD’s to horizontal
750 m row was 3 sets of 250 with virtuosity

pretty gassed, but pretty pleased to be able to get these accomplished – like to think I am moving in the right direction after the COVID break.

Thank you Kimmer –
great setup, and great coaching tips

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