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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, June 1, 2008


 5 rounds for time:

10 Handstand Push-Ups (HSPU’s)

15 Pull-Ups

20 Push-Ups


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 75 and gals 55 lbs for SDLHP.  Post time to complete to comments.


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This picture must have been taken before the WOD(he is smiling)

As Rx’d

As Rx’d

25:40?…forgot to write down time…had to kip the HSPUs after round 1…if not I would never been able to get my head off the ground…I have a hard time keeping track of rounds with WODs longer than 20 mins……

Grant – great work on the kips….

WOD with modifications
used 2 round discs for HSPUs, the rest as rx’d.
Welcome back Ed!

Modified: Push Press (instead of HSPU), 35ish #’s for both PP and SDLHP

Oh yeah — kipping pull-ups not. Used the “machine” ….

DJ – 32:51 subbed 75lbs shoulder press for HSPU otherwise as Rx’d
Britany- 34:17 subbed 50lbs shoulder press for HSPU and SDHP (40 lbs for last 2 sets)

When I grow up I want to do this WOD as Rx’d….
Did 2 HSPU (reps, not rounds) with full ROM, rest with limited ROM. (First round about 1-2″ between head and floor and downhill from there. Also not able to do kipping HSPU, not sure if I’m lacking upside-down coordination or just strenght)
Rest as Rx’d.
Need a day off now.

could someone clarify what SDLHP is? Thanks, David

Camerons —

It is a sumo dead lift high pull.

Try http://www.crossfit.com they have demos of the exercises there!

G: as x’ed 26 mins and change [forgot to write it down]
K: as X’ed except 2 whoopee [this is the sound you make after completing each HSPU] cushions for HSPU’s 32 mins and change [forgot to write it down]
Trevor or anyone from our class, if you have a better recollection of our times that would be helpful.
Reminder to self, both of us need work on the HSPU’s
GMAN are you in our Sunday class?

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