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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, July 5, 2020

As Many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:

5 Hang Dumbbell Clean and Push Jerk/5 Double Dumbbell Swings
10 Dumbbell Burpees (no jump)
15 V-ups
REST 2:00

Coach’s notes:

Choose your own weight for the dumbbell complex and burpee. Post time per round and number of rounds complete.

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Comments: 6

6 rounds @ 35#. Finished last round at 29:00. Round times: 2:15, 2:15, 2:10, 2:38, 2:38, 2:34. (Some weird symmetry haha). Worst kind of chipper. One that you have to Sprint in. Again. And again. πŸ˜‚
Thanks Kimmer!!

7 rounds + 18 reps @ 27.5

Started with a 1:21 first round, then averaged around 2:00 for the next 4 rounds. The swings hit my back in round 5 and that really impacted the last 2 1/2 rounds. I must be tired or dehydrated or both as the last two WODs have left me fuzzy, buzzy and dizzy. Yowsa.

Thanks Kimmer!

Finished 7 rounds with 20 seconds left.
20# and sit ups.

Spicy start for a Sunday.

Thanks Kimmer

7 rounds plus 13 @ 30#
Thanks Kimmer

6 rounds + 16 movements – 15#
1:56/1:57/2:06/2:40/2:10/2:06/+16 movements in last minute
Thanks Kimmer,
that felt tough, mentally, the last 4 of the burpees really sucked

Used 40# DBs, I think 9 rounds (plus 5+5+1 and 1:40 of skipped rest at the end), mostly just tried to not let Derek get to far ahead of me!
Thanks Kim!

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