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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, July 5, 2009

5 Rounds for time:


Row 400m

40 Sit-ups

Rest 2:00


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

CrossFit Calgary is happy to offer TARGETED CLASS – POSE Running starting today Sunday, July 5 at 4 pm for 1 hour. 
There are 12 classes in the session and registration is required for both members and non-members.  Member registration is $100 and $250 for non-members.  Class size is limited. 


Comments: 14

Hopefully try this one later @ home as will miss class this am.
BUT – wanted to say before time rapidly passes by and it is suddenly August — GOOD LUCK to all the athletes at the games coming up. Have fun! Thought you might need more of that reminder than Work Hard! (which seems pretty inherent in all of you.)

23:03 total time with rest, so 15:03 without rest
(rounds were 2:28, 2:59, 3:12, 3:19, 3:06)

Blaine: 13:40
Rebecca: 15:33
*times not including rest

15:24 i think..

13:05 without the rest.

Round times got erased before I could write them down.


16:50ish – (I think :52) with rest
Thanks Gord

Did Friday’s workout. Thanks Gord!!
105# 8RDS in 24:19 min. Almost failed at the cleans onthe last round.
As always was trying to beat Cory, but in fairness 20 more pounds for this oneis probably a lot

5 rounds for time
Row 500m
30 45# Thrusters

Wanted sub 20:00 as my Thrusters are a weakness.
Rows were steady, which maybe was bad strategy? will have to see again some time.

It was only 10 pounds more Alvaro, but it is still a lot!

2:25+2:2+2:53+2:58+3:01=13:59 active
+8:00=21:59 including rests

2:39/2:45/2:59/3:04/3:16 = 14:43 + 8:00 rest = 22:43 total time
damper @ 7

2:42+2:44+2:49+2:48+2:46=13:51+ 8:00 rest= 21:51
Thank goodness for situps is all I can say

20:12 without rest, all situps unbroken

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