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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gord in 155 lb clean and jerk

As many rounds in 25 minutes of:

15 Sit ups

30 squats

Coach’s notes:Β  Post number of rounds complete to comments.Β 

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CrossFit Kids Vacation WOD
For those of you lucky enough to be on holidays or to have access to a pool, here is a great Summertime Kids Workout:

As Many Reps as Possible in 10 min:
25 yard swim
5 push ups
10 squats
Post number of rounds completed.
Parents-please ensure adult supervision at all times at pool.

Gordo toughed that one out, I tell you.

DJ – 16 rounds + 15 situps as rx’d

Brittany – 16 rounds + 15 situps + 2 squats as rx’d

15 + 8
7 rds were GHDSU

18 rounds even

17 even – only one round was GHDSU

another great games photo. Unfortunately(or fortunately) a calf strain from Thursday prevents me from doing the filthy fifties on the main site today.
17 rds plus 15 squats.
good work so far everyone… hopefully not too many stairs in the next few days

27 rounds + 7 sit ups…..this one may hurt….

15 rounds +11 sit ups

Nice lockout at the top Gord. Look how his ear is present in front of the bar. Great effort today in the classes guys and gals!

17 + 9 situps

K: 16 rnds + 6 squats
G: 19 rnds + 12 su’s
Steve really pushed hard today!

27 rounds….holy fast

Steve, that is amazing!!! Well done!

18rnds + 15 sit ups + 20 squats
Great workout. Was good to experience pushing the time to 25min. for a ‘number of rounds’ WOD.

15 rounds + 15 s/u + 10 squats
– sit-ups combination of GHSU / abmat / anchored
-squats – combination of a number of words, not technique….
Another one that looked easier on the board!
Good work everyone!

18 Rnds even.

18 rounds plus 15 situps and 3 squats
two of my rounds were GHDsitups

i knew it wasn’t going to be easier than it appeared… as soon as situps are on the board, it’s hard πŸ™‚

18 rounds with 15 situps and 15 squats. Gotta pas 20 next time!
Enjoyed the delayed effects of the back extension!

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