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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, January 5, 2020

In any order and resting as you see fit between sets, complete all 4 couplets.

A. 2 rounds for time of:

25 Thrusters – 65#/45#
25 Wallballs – 20#/14#

B. 3 rounds for reps of:

30s Ring Dips
30s Pull-ups

C. 4 rounds for time of:

15 Cal Row
9 Burpees over Rower

D. 5 rounds for reps of:

1:00 Side Shuffle – 20 ft.
1:00 Box Jumps – 24”/20”

Coach’s notes:

Post order complete and results for each couplet to comments.

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Comments: 6

I ‘joked’ about 30s of endurance – but really – fuck this was hard!

A: 0:00-9:38
Yup – two of my best movements, couples together like a ritual offering to Satan.
C: 15:00 – 22:58
Slightly better. Buck Furpees.
D: 25:00 – 35:00
101 reps
Hope everyone enjoyed the drunken suffering looking side shuffle-like movements.
But it on one box jump.
B: 37:00 – 40:00
40 reps
One purple band on the pull-ups.

Needed all the rest after the first couplet. Then looked at the clock and realized that either Brett talked too long or I wasn’t going fast enough to finish on time so started to shorten the rest.

Nice work 9am. Holy sweat fest batman!

A. 5:59 – Used a 4# (not a typo) ball since it was all I could catch with my shoulder.
C. 7:30 – Scaled to 12 cal. because I’m short.
B. 30/14+21/11+18/12 – the shoulder strikes again, had to do my dips off a box.
D. 12/9+11/11+11/11+11/11+11/13 – the only couplet I could do fully rx and I was outta gas….

Thanks Brett?

I’m not sure there was a “good” order to do these in.
C: 6:49 @ 12 Cals.
A: 8:38. I can think of a lot of better things to offer to Satan……
D: Yay! Box Jumps are my jam!
12/23 – 10/21 – 12/22 – 10/22 – 10/25
Blacked out on the floor for a few minutes…
B: 7/5 – 4/6 – 6/6 banded dips.

Neat format. I’d like to see more like this.

Thanks Brett!

Oh, Storbakken, I was wondering what Sandy (aka Rogue1974) was talking about……….”I can think of a lot better things to offer Satan…”
Then I got back up to the top to read your comment and it all made sense. Thanks again for the humour Crew, it really cracked me up!!!!!!!! Maybe your are not trying to be funny, but in my sick sense of humour, I find this very satifying!!!!!
Thanks for the great efforts this am everyone, I truly had fun coaching, and I REALLY had fun watching this one play out. At the start of the first class, I was sad that I was not going to be able to take a crack at this one……….but by the end of the second class I was feeling much better about my sideline position, haha.

Bryan, great job on the scaling measures. You managed to maintain the intention of the workout and put in a solid effort, kudos. Working through injury can be frustrating, but it is a reality in life, you made the most of it today, well done!

“Yup – two of my best movements, couples together like a ritual offering to Satan.”

I am going to keep some of my favourite comments from the year and get Rhi to come up with some sort of collaboration/archive at the end. These are too good to not be remembered!!!!!!

“I’m not sure there was a “good” order to do these in.”

“I ‘joked’ about 30s of endurance – but really – fuck this was hard!”

Storbakken, I will just consider you my co-author.

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