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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1.         10 Wallballs for sets

Rest 5:00

2.         Double Unders for biggest set in 10 minutes


Coach’s notes:  For the first set perform10 wallballs without stopping during the set and breathing exactly 10 times between sets (guys use 20 lbs and gals 12).  Score = the total number of reps achieved.  For example if you made 9 sets and had to pause in your 7th rep of the 10 set, you score 97 for the wallball.  For part 2 start a 10 minute timer and your score is the biggest single set of double unders you can achieve in the 10 minutes.  You can choose your  own rest intervals between attempts for this part.  If your best set is 89 reps in a row you score 89 for the double unders.  Post total for 1 and 2 to comments.

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Comments: 8

ooh this is a good one

WB – 275
DUs – 54

WB – 201
DUs – 45
Total – 246

59 sets of wall balls…held a steady 10 breath cycle throughout…I also could have done more but I figured 590 wall balls was plenty….

35 DU’s…these were the best DU’s I have done to date…no 2 foot jump off ground or kicking legs back…finally these are getting good…

time for a rest day….good job to everyone else in class today!!

Did this with 1.5 pood KBS since I’m not set up for WB at home.
KBS – 168 (grip was failure point)
DU – 49
Total = 217

G: 73DU’s (did 1st) PB
60 rnds WB’s (did 2nd). Steve could have gone all day!

K: 37 + 9 rnds WB’s (did 1st)
38 DU’s (did 2nd)

20 rounds of wallballs and then Trevor cut me off. I don’t know if I could have gotten 60 rounds, but I wasn’t having any issues after 20. My breathing was still controlled, which seems like an important element.

DUs – 98 I was aiming for 100, and was pretty annoyed to miss by 2. The first 60ish were pretty controlled, but as the rope slowed down I had to jump higher to keep going. This was my first set, and my forearms never really recovered enough to be able to beat it.

70 DU (did this first)

then 42 round of wall balls.

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