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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, January 17, 2010






Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 and gals 65 lbs for the OHS.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to March 17, 2009

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Comments: 18

This was a good one.
Adelle 9:14 with 38# on the bar
Rick 6:49 with 52# on the bar

Subbed back squat for OHS due to shoulder issues. This move seemed much easier then the OHS. Used 65lbs.
Time: 6:30
Erin and Chelsea, you guys did amazing. You both are so strong.
Thanks Lindsay!

21 @ 75#’s
15’s and 9’s @ 44#’s
Should use 65#’s next time.

4:58 as rx’d, great job Erin and Kelly. Thanks Lindsay, I liked the stretching at the beginning.

7.46 with 85#.

4:56 as rx’d thanks Chelsea for the pacing! Erin take care of your back go see Ian at Tower Physio

First WOD ever… many more to come!!!
14:50 with 65#
Thanks Lindsay for all of your help.

Crossfit total
Back Squat: 215/235/250, match my previous PR. Felt good, should have aimed higher.
Press: 105/115F/115, 5 less than PR, dead shoulders from yesterday.
DL:275/295/302.5, 7.5 PR, came up pretty fast.

That was super fun! Nice job everyone from team 180-250 Back squat. : )
Post your results!

8:12 as rx’d
Thanks Lindsay!! Chelsea – you are SO impressive!!!!

A day behind in my WOD’s …skiing all weekend.
As rxd: 9:34. I can’t believe that I am saying this but I looked forward to the burpees as a rest from the OHS.

Crossfit Total
Back Squat: 165/175/185 (PR)
Shoulder Press: 85/90/95 (PR)
Deadlift: 205/215/225 (PR)
Great job everyone. Kim, Katie you guys are machines WOW.

Crossfit Total
Squat: 155 (PR=155)
Press: 90 (PR=97.5)
DL: 290 (PR was 285)
Total: 535

Crossfit total:

Back Squat: 285 (previous PR 260)
Shoulder Press: 125 (tried to jump to 132.5 for a PR but failed)
Deadlift: 400 (previous PR 385)
Total: 810

Crossfit Total
Back Squat: 65/70/75 not close to 1RM, working on technique
Shoulder Press: 65/67.5/70f
Deadlift: 195/200/205PR

As Rx’d (bar from floor)
Double dosed w/ deadlift WOD

Crossfit total:
Back Squat:170
Shoulder Press:90 PR
Deadlift: 285 PR
total: 545
Such a fun class, thanks partners for the push and coaches for the great coaching! Way to go Kimmer!

Crossfit Total: wow! some amazing numbers from everyone!
Back Squat: 170
Shoulder press: 90
Deadlift: 235 PR
Total: 495
Great Class! Thank you team partners and ALL the STRONG GIRLS!!! Chantal: very much appreciate your help with pushing my limits – thanks for the coaching!

As rx’d 6:40 min. Almost 3 min better than last time.

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