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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift – 3 reps X 5 sets, rest 2-3:00

Compare to Thursday, February 5, 2009

B. 3 Rounds for time:

7 Snatch (squat) – 135#/85#

14 KB Swings – 2.0/1.5 pood

21 Back Extensions

Coach’s notes: Post loads for all sets in A and time to complete B.

Comments: 18

A: 95/125/145/165/195- ouch on the hands.
B: 11:14 with 75# snatch and 1.5KBS- ouch on the back.
That was a good one. Happy I could lift 75 for the snatch, I think part A helped with that. Still have a lot to work on for this lift. Thanks Michelle, wonderful coaching as always! Nice work in the 10 o’clock!

A: 85/105/115/115/120 – apparently I wasn’t awake at 11am and thought we were only doing 3×3, not 3×5…oops.
B: 11:03 with 42# snatch and 0.7pd kb.
Thanks for the push, Michelle!

Did the last 2 WODs from the Throwdown this morning.
WOD 4: 2 rounds AMRAP in 2 minutes of DU’s/Push-ups/Squats
DU: 160/140
PU: 38/38
Squats: 75/75

WOD 5: AMRAP in 10 min of
10 Deadlifts 115#
15 Sit-ups
5 Pull-ups
10 rounds + 6DL
Thanks Evan and Michelle.

Hey everyone the volleyball schedule is up. We play this Wednesday at 8:30pm at West Dalhousie School. Don’t forget to fill out your online waiver at the Calgary Sport and Social Club website. This is going to be fun!!!!!

A. 95/115/135/145/150
B. 11:26 #62 snatch, 1.5 pood KB.
thanks michelle, i’ve missed your coaching!

A. 85/95/100/105/115
B. 10:12 with 1.25 pood and 42# for snatch
Thanks so much Michelle!

A. worked up to 175, should have started heavier could have done more
B. 11:32 as rx’d

Thanks Michelle for your tips and encouragement!

Hey everyone,

A BIG thank you for having Hard Knocks to CFC. 🙂

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ll have video clips from the talk available soon.

For those of you who did make it, here are the links that we talked about:


Hope to see you out at the fights Next Friday, January 20!! (tickets are available here: http://www.hardknocksfighting.com/school-of-hard-knocks-19-calgary/)

A. 95/135/155/165/175 – hook grip until the last set
B. 11:30 w/ 52# and 1.25(tough weight to get directly overhead!)

Thanks Michelle!

30s on 30s off for 5 mins/round (for reps), no rest btwn sets;
A: Thrusters @ 135 (scaled to 115) – 8/6/7/7/7
B: SDLHP @ 95 – 13/12/12/12/12
C: Hand release pushups – 15/14/14/12/11 (felt good, shoulder is coming along!)
D: Row (for calories) – 11/11/11/12/12
E: Burpees – 10/12/12/10/11
F: 5 min max rep Double Unders – 250 (screwed up the timing on this, so this was 4:30 working time).
Thanks Brett, good WOD.

Same WOD as Trev
A) Thrusters @ 95lbs 10/8/6/7/5=36
B) SDLHP @ 65lbs 17/15/15/15/15=77
C) Push-ups 15/15/15/15/15=75
D) Row 10/10/9/10/10=49
E) Burpees 9/10/10/10/10=49
F) Double Unders 350 timing got a little messed up but finished off the last minute
Thanks Brett. Great job everyone this was a good one. By the time I got home I was staggering around looking like I was drunk!

same as Trev & Chels….

A. thrusters@ 95 lbs 7/5/5/5/4=26
B. sdlhp @ 65 lbs 12/12/12/12/12=60
C. hand release push ups 15/15/15/15/14=74
D. row 8/8/7/7/8=38 calories
E. burpees 10/10/10/9/9=48
F. amrap double unders in 5 (we screwed up and did 4:30) 256 reps
fun one! Thanks Brett!

hey everyone….

I just signed up for the Winter Classic at Crossfit Ramsay on Saturday, February 4th…..Thought it might be perfect timing to get us in competition mode for the Open (week of Feb 22nd!!!). Would be great to have a ‘CFC CREW’ team to kick some Ramsay ass 🙂 and show ’em how amazing CFC is!! I think the fee is 5o$ for non-members.

same WOD as Trev

A. Thrusters @ 135# 8/5/5/5= 23 *only second time ever doing 135# thrusters so happy with this

B. SDLHP @ 95# 16/14/13/12/11= 66

C. hand release push ups 17/14/12/11/9= 63

D. row 9/11/12/10/10= 52calories

E. burpees 11/11/11/10/10= 53

F. Du’s 196 *these were a nightmare

Thanks Brett!

Don’t add post metcon…missed a 4 in part A for 27

Same Wod as Evan, Trev, Audra and Chelsea! First wod in a week so intention was just to move and enjoy it.

A. Thrusters @ 95 9/7/5/6/5 = 32
B. SDLHP @ 65 13/14/11/12/12 = 62
C. Pushups 14/10/10/10/10 = 54
D. Row 7/8/8/8/8 = 39
E. Burpees 8/8/8/8/8 = 40
F. DU’s 212

I really liked this one. Thanks Brett.

B. 18:05 snatches at 115#, 2 pood KB.

A: 84/84/94/99/104
B: 52lb snatch, 1pd kb, 12:58

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