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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, January 11, 2009


50, 40, 30, 20, 10 rep rounds for time: 


Double Unders

  Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments. 


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Blaine: 8:06
Rebecca: 9:34


As Rx’d


The best DUs I have ever done in terms of consecutive…I hit 30 consecutive twice…what does suck is no matter how many sit-ups I do they are always the same speed…cannot go fast for some reason…which is why I was not really tired after WOD…was able to catch breath on sit ups…


2 pood kettle bell ladder (1-7)

Post WOD

Chest to Bar pull up ladder (1-10)…did this with Grant….

Great Work Michelle and Kathleen…and every one in class today…

previous: 7:46 (Oct.)
great energy and intensity in class today everyone! Kathleen, your du’s are amazing!

Cory: 6:16
Charlie: not worth mentioning. Ok, 14:something

Modified: sit-ups / back-exts
Time: gee Trev, what time was it? Guess who stopped the clock before this strangler was done!
My guess is 10 minutes.

That should be “straggler”…..not strangler…..watching too much A&E!


Great Job today everyone, loved the class!!

G; 6:24 (prev 10:19 June 28 ’08)
K; 5:31 (prev @ 5:13)

19:04 – the situps were a breeze, but I was able to include “attempts” with the double unders and it still took FOREVER!!!!
I had a personal best though – 8 consecutive double unders!! Who would’ve thunk it!!

11:46 as I was doing 1 single in between each double. Can do them in a row but NOT under the watch pressure.
According to Mike more than 10 min triggers a 50 burpees which I did in 5:24. More than 5 min triggered another 25 burpees penalty. I was then practicing “butterfly” Pull ups. Didn’t have anything left in my arms.

13:51…really need to work on the double unders

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