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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, February 24, 2008

You want me to do what?


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:


10 Dumbbell Split Jerk

10 Kettlebell (KB)swing


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 25lb dumbbells and gals 15 lb for the split jerk.  Guys use a 1.5 pood KB or 55lb and gals use 35lb.  Post rounds complete to comments.

Comments: 10

And that was too light for him!

Neutral spine, chest up, hook grip — looks like he got it! What’s that saying – like father, like son? or is it behind every man is a successful woman?!

WOD from Friday..I wanted to do that one and ran out of time on Friday.
“Nancy” as Rx’d except that 3 times around the track at the Eau Claire Y gives a total of 390 m
5 rounds for time = 16:13

Followed by an 8k run 42:29…not very fast 🙂 but it IS Sunday afterall.

Keane is adorable in this picture!

did this in class today, i used 15lbs dumbbells and i think a 35lbs KB, for a total of 13 rounds, great workout!

SJ 25# dumbbells
KB swings 2 pood (72#)
10.5 rounds

SJ 15#
KB 44#
11 rounds + 10SJ

Madeleine says, “Wow, those Crossfit Boys really Rock-I cant wait for Crossfit Kids to start!”

But hey, if I married Keane, my name would be Madeleine Marshall-Marshall…???

12 full sets
+ 10 SJ’s

20# dumbell SJ’s
40# Dumbell swings

Scaled (up) SJ to 75 lb barbell
Scaled (down) KBS to 40 lb dumbells

13 rounds + 2 SJ.

as rx’d.

12.5 rounds

WOD in class, as rx’d, 11 rounds.

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