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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, February 21, 2010


5 rounds for time:

400 m Run

15 Overhead Squats

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 60 lbs for overhead squats, or scale if needed.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to August 1, 2009

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Scaled due to shoulder flexibility to 60Ibs.

Great shot of “Coach” “AFT” in action.

Remember that tomorrow is the day for Don and Old Guy (if you are truly old enough) and whomever else to register. It would be awesome to see you guys in Okatokes and beyond.


From Games site…..

Registration for the Inaugural CrossFit Games Masters Competition will open at 1200 PST on Monday, February 22nd.

To register, Master’s athletes must have birth dates on or before July 15, 1960.

Registration at the Regionals will be first come, first served (no qualifying required). Scaling options will be available, but they will disqualify you for the Games.

The Master’s qualifiers are worldwide. Folks will compete at their closest Regional, but they are competing against all other Masters all over the world for the Aromas spots. There are no fixed spots allocated to each Regional, and it’s possible that some Regionals won’t send any Master’s athletes to Aromas.

The workouts and scoring will be announced in April, and each Regional will have exactly the same workouts.

The top scoring 15 men and 15 women from all around the world will come to Aromas in July to compete for Master’s Champion.

What a beautiful day for this workout- wish I could come.

Found an awesome video, TT people might be interested especially.

The video is Dave Tate with some pure gold instruction on the bench press:

Yes I did Nancy!
As rx’d 14:39
Loved to be outside in the sunshine, thanks Laura.
Where was everyone else?

Caper – Thanks for the invite you are a kind and thoughtful gentleman to remind this Old Guy whose memories fails him sometimes:). I already have a plan for next year when I am 55.

Did Fran as a warm up before the strenght class 7:55…….and that was pretty much it. Could only do bench presses with 115# after half an hour of recovery time. I am still coughing today from nasty Fran. Incredible how Fran takes everything from you. I was pale, rolling eyes, cough, burning chest, RIDICULOUS!!! I think I really hate it!!!:)

14:22 as rx’d

Modified to 60 lb for OHS.

18:05 (Had to weight for equip at probodies)

As Rx’d
15:21 – track at Westside Recreation measures 430m / all OHS unbroken

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