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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, February 20, 2011


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:


Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 65 lbs for thrusters.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to July 24, 2010

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9:51, first time as rx’d (last time was at 72#). The first time I did Fran a few years ago I used a 45# bar and my time was 12 minutes plus. I thought to myself I will NEVER be strong enough to do Fran as rx’d (I wasn’t bummed about this, I just accepted it as fact). To think back and realize how far I have come is amazing. But really I shouldn’t be surprised at all- I have witnessed the progress so many people have made here. It just takes a workout like this for me to realize it myself. So to anyone out there checking this site and thinking you can’t do CrossFit, YOU CAN.

And thanks 9am class!

65 lbs.


First round was unbroken, second and third were not.
October 2009 was 7:32 at same wt.
Think I’ll keep at this wt. in the future to monitor my slide into decrepitude.

Congrats Kris, you did fantastic!!!! You should be very proud of how far you have come. Great job today Rhiannon and Krista, Audra take care of yourself. That is truly pushing to your limits.

Did a WOD from earlier in the week 10 Hang Power Clean/5 Front Squats/20 Switch Lunges rest 90sec x6 46/48/50/49/49/50 = 4:52 total time.


I was posting at the same time as Kris so I hadn’t read his posting yet. The way it came up makes it look like I’m negating what he’s saying. Far from it. I agree with him. I couldn’t do a handstand pushup for the first 50 years of my life but now I can. Thrusters are another story though.

6:38 – 11lb thrusters, blue band assisted pull-ups.
Thanks Cheslea for counting and for the push.
Krista and Kris – way to go!!
Audra – very inspiring performance, scary but inspiring! 😉 Take care hon!

Well, safe to say Fran KICKED MY ASS today- literally!!
Exactly one year ago I did Fran as rx’d in 9:02….

Today – 5:18 as rx’d and then promptly fell off the pullup bar and landed on my back (not very gracefully either!) with 3 pullups to go!!! Thanks everybody for helping….sore as hell but more pissed off I didn’t finish the last 3!! KP (whoo hoo!), Rhiannon, Kris and all the 9 am’ers…Great Job!!

First Fran ever today!!!

As Rx’d: 9:28

…single tear… Joy or shame, unsure 🙂

Way to go Mike!

So besides the fact that Audra scraed the *#%$ out of me – I must say – this morning’s class was unbelievable – Aud, you were for sure on your way to sub 5:30 – a but I’m just thankful you are ok! Kris, you were awesome!! I’m so proud of you! your post is inspiring and so true!!!! Rhiannon, Jeff – great job!
Fran (ugh!! she’s a nasty girl): 4:56 as rx’d – only way I managed this was all the support and push from those around me – Aud, Tlaw, R&B, much appreciated!!
and Thanks Gord for a great class!! oh and when does this darn Fran hack go away?

My first Fran.

45lb thrusters, broken all over the place
Green band pull ups, also broke. The last set was green + blue (which felt too easy).


6:04 as rx’d
* Gord, your pacing easily knocked 30 sec or more off my time, much appreciated!
Good work everyone @ 11

Wow, sounds like I really missed something at 9:00 a.m. Great work everyone, I loved your post Kris, and it’s true, you think that you will never do a chin-up, or push-up or whatever it is, but amazingly one day it just clicks and you are able to do something that you thought was so hard.
My plan was to do this as rx’d and I only did 4 thrusters with 65 and I knew that I would not be able to do it, so I dropped to 52#. 12:20
Great work Tracy getting Fran as rx’d. One day perhaps I will be able to do it too!
Take care Audra – ouch!

9:10 as rx”d

thanks Gord

First Fran ever this morning. 11:39, scaled to 75#, and pullups quickly became singles. Though as yet another example of what Kris is talking about, I can pretty well guarantee that a few months ago if somebody asked me to do 45 pullups, I would’ve pointed behind them, shouted “what’s that?!” and then run away screaming while they were distracted. So the fact that I can do them now (even if they are a struggle) is a testament to the program.

Great work 9am class! Thanks Gord. Audra, seeing somebody push themselves that hard was truly inspiring. Take care of yourself.

I am soooo happy i didn’t go to crossfit today 🙂
I really hate Fran and everything it does to my system

Congrats to Heller and Tracey for doing Fran as rx’d, way to go!

You may hate Fran, but remember Fran loves all, equally and unconditionally.

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