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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Members – you are welcome to bring a guest free of charge to today’s adult CrossFit class.


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:


Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals use 65 lbs for thrusters.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to October 19, 2009

Comments: 18

5:34 as Rx’d.
PR by 20 sec. Was hoping for more, but I’ll take it.
Round of 21 unbroken, then wheels fell off…

7:31 scaled to 52#, and blue band.

Fun class! I loved that we got to bring a guest – great idea! 🙂

PR by 2 seconds
CBS 3 days ago

5:31 as rx’d

Blaine: 6:21 as Rx’d bar taken from the floor. Felt like serious crap!!!! Nowhere near beating last attempt of 5:30 which was a long time ago.
Rebecca: 4:45(PR) as Rx’d bar taken from the floor. Almost 2 minutes better than last attempt!!!

Sorry we couldn’t make it this morning. Have a great day everyone.

10:21 as Rx’d
PR by 1:39

5:29 as rx’d. First time doing this b&$@*! Definitely the worst wod I have ever done

thanks for counting steve. Wish I would have paid you beforehand to make you count faster. Great class!

7:41 as rx’d *hoping for sub 7* but pullups felt tough today! perhaps I was too busy giggling at my husband! Scott: 14:50 as rx’d
Thanks Gord & Laura!!
Chantal, awesome time! and Paige, great work!
Rebecca…. you seriously ROCK!!! sweet on sub 5!
great idea and tons of fun-thanks x-fit! awesome job to everyone in 9 class!

Wow what a Valentines Day! As Rx’d 5:41 (too much rest!)
Thanks Gord, Laura and Steve for the encouragement
You knew it would hurt before the WOD and you felt it after
Off to part two of the date – run at Nose Hill for a couple of hours!

Good job Krista…I wish that I could have been there to watch! LOL!

WOD Rx’d 9:54.


Scaled Green Band and 27 Ibs

Time: 7:33

Adelle is in New York having too much fun although she claims she ran for an hour in Central Park….

Rick – 5:18 however the hernia made me scale to 52#. Pull ups were unbroken for 21 and 9 but had to split the 15. Surgery is coming this summer.

Great work all!

Favourite WOD – I don’t think this is on the board but it is one James gave me earlier.

25 Double unders; 5 hand stand push ups – as many rounds in twenty minutes –

6:43 as rx’d

There are some great times today….maybe motivated by your guests? Whatever it is – great work!

I don’t usually post but I have been laughing at my husband all afternoon so I couldn’t resist!

Audra 9:02 as rx’ed (last time 7:02 with 45 lbs and purple band)

“My poor husband” (who claims he almost puked and has been complaining his lungs have been burning all afternoon) – 8:20 something I think….He says he gets to pick the “activity” next Valentine’s Day!!

Chantale and Rebecca – way to go! Incredibly fast times!

Thanks Gord and Laura….fun V’tines Day!

As Rx’d
8:56 (Last time 9:25).

10:03 with purple band and 52#. My friend loved it.

As Rx’d
4:36 (PR)
One of my goals for 2010 was to get a sub 5 min Fran – still room for improvement but I crushed the 5 min mark – revised goal for 2010 sub 4
Last Fran time 8:46 – sweet

Note to self; last time used 45lb and purple band

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