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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, December 6, 2009




Each minute on the minute:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Coach’s notes: This one is for the board.  You must complete each round within the minute.  If you get knocked out early continue on trying to complete the same number of reps or more as the round you got knocked out on.  There is a 30 minute time limit.  Post rounds + reps completed to comments.

Comments: 22

Please come out to the Crossfit Christmas Party at Stacey’s tonight! Starts at 5:00. Lots of yummy healthy food! Bring a dish to share. Everyone is welcome to come if you have not been invited already.

Cory…nice baby!

Josefina and Sophia are very happy with this picture today. They like having breakfast with Cory every now and then!!!!

OMG ! I have nothing to do with Corys baby/Chuckie Doll-please DO NOT EMAIL ME in regards to this…

Cory she has your eyes!

That may be one of the creepiest things I have ever seen!!! 9 rounds+ 5 pull-ups + 8 push-ups as rx’d. The push-ups were horrible by round 7. Did 5 pull-ups 5 push-ups and 10 squats for the remaining rounds. Thanks Brett, great job everyone in the 9am class.

Cory, I thought you said no kids for you… You could be an awesome father 🙂

Rick did 13 rounds as rx’d – the push ups did him in
Adelle 2 rounds as rx’d, one squat short of the third round, then used the purple band, followed by the blue band, 3chinups, 5 push ups, 10 squats.
Lots of great work at the 10:00 a.m. class.

That baby is already too much responsibility. I haven’t seen her for weeks! 🙂

As for the workout, I only managed 6 rounds before the pushups got the best of me. To be successful at this I probably need to speed up my squats too. I scaled back to 3-5-10 for the rest of the rounds and held the pace.

Only 4 rounds as RX.

After that scaled to 3-3-10. Pushups were horrible and the Pullups….just weren’t smooth.

Strength day (Back squats, Zercher Squats, shoulder press)
Then 6 rounds of Chelsea as Rx’d. Don’t have the confidence to kip the pull-ups yet.
I picked up a second hand Concept 2 rower for my home gym this am!!! Lots more rowing in my future.

2 rounds as Rx. Scaled the reps for the rest of the time.

Cory, that is just disturbing….
8 rounds as rx’d (3 squats short of 9) rounds 10,11,12 as rx’d not on the minute
13-30 rounds: 5,5,10 pushups did me in!
Great class as usual – thanks Brett!
NICE work Rick!!!

8 rounds as rx’d. Destroyed my hands as I kept doing 5 pull ups, 5 push ups and 10 squats and around rd 12 I had to go to 5 squats. Last five rounds did them with tore hands, what the hell! It was already too late to stop.My hands are wide open and bleeding now. Idiot!

Disappointing workout only managed 13 rounds then continued with 5-5-15. My shoulder couldn’t tkae it after 13 rounds. I have done this one as rx’d before.

I liked this workout once I could scale it that is. I did 3 rounds of rx reps (with purple band and girlie push ups). Then I was doing 3/5/15 then 2/5/10 then 1/4/7 then 1 or 2/5/10. Basically what I felt I could do for the rounds to make it all 30 mins. Getting stronger though.

Hey Brett what was the prize for the most squats on the last minute? I might have come close on that one. LOL

Jenni, I won it in our class and got to erase the board!

Barely missed 12 rounds – push ups are the time killer for sure.

5/10/15 for 2 rounds rx’d except purple band for pull-ups
5/5/15 for an additional 8 rds.
Total time for 10 rds was 12 minutes.
Having trouble with my right shoulder. Seeing my physio this week to assess.

As rx’d 4
4-8-12 1
3-6-9 10 could have kept this going longer (but talked myself out of it)
As rx’d 1 (just to see – took 1:21 – push-ups were the time killers)

I am behind on the workouts. As rxd;17 rounds on the minute. Found the pull-ups the hardest but the shoulder seems to be getting better.

as rx’d 2 rds – missed the 3rd rd by 1 squat! then did 3/3/15 and then at some point in this marathon, I switched to 3/3/10. I did about three rds in between of 2/2/15. I’m praying for coordination and speed. Brett you are amazing. I think you need a cape! Holy smoke..as I was on my 2nd PULL UP you were finishing up your squats! Krista you too!

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