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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 sets for distance:

1:00 Row

1:00 Rest

Coach’s notes:  Post distance per row and total distance to comments. 

Compare to October 29, 2009

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10 sets for distance:
1:00 Row
1:00 Rest
total 2929m

We measured this differently…
Rick Total Distance 2552 his strokes per min were between 29-30
Distances were low of 250 high 256
Total 2256
Thanks Lindsay for the private class!!!

Did WOD at Golds Gym.
262/254/261/259/257/254/258/252/244/258 Kept the damper at 7.
Total Meters: 2559 (59 more meters then October)

Forgot to mention total calories:169
Also was certainly not the same atmosphere at Golds. I miss our crossfit community.

Total Meters = 2648


Set it at 6.5

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