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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, December 13, 2009




As many rounds in 20 minutes:

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand Push-ups

8 KB Swings


Coach’s notes: Hero WOD for the board.  Guys use 2pd KB, gals use 1.5pd.  Post rounds + reps to comments.

Comments: 5

sub in jumping muscle-up and green band handstand push-ups
4 rounds + 1 muscle-up

Rick – muscles ups were with a bit of a jump from the bottom and 1 pd for KB swings. 12 rounds
Adelle – modified with 4 chin-ups 4 ring dips with blue band for muscle ups, used green/blue band for HSPU’s and .7pd for KB swings. 9 rounds
Thanks for the catching on the HSPU DJ. Good workout.

7 rounds plus 4 pull ups. Substituted everything.
Muscle Ups were 4 x pull ups (blue band assist) and 4 x ring dips (purple band assist)
Handstand push ups were green and blue band assist
KB swings were 1.5 pd.
Great workout!

11 rounds + 2 modified muscles ups, 4 handstand pushups + 2 KBS

muscles ups: jumping … rings at forehead height (starting with arms straight from bottom)
Handstand PUs.. purple band, blue band – not saying these were easy – however could have challenged myself a bit more and used purple/purple bands
KBS as rx’d (these were heavy! thank goodness there were only 8 in a set!)
DeeJay – thank you!!! great class don’t get to do muscle ups and handstand pu’s too often!
Thank you for your coaching and working with me on my muscle ups..

11am Unable to do muscle ups and ring dips as they are extremely difficult and require freakishly strong muscles to perform (obviously strength is something I must work on). So, with the modifications, here was my WOD:
1) 4 pull ups (unassisted – YEAH!)
4 ring dips – blue band asst.
2) 4 hand stand push ups – blue and green band asst.
3) 8 KBS – 1.5 pood

9 rounds, plus 4 pull ups, 4 ring dips, 4 hand stand push ups…darn it, almost made it to 10 rounds. Felt good afterwords but broke open all my callouses on left hand. What a bloody mess. Thanks DJ for the coaching and the band aids!

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