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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For time:

150 KB Swings

Each time you break the set do 30 double unders


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments and number of sets of double unders.  Guys use 1.5 pood and gals 1 pood.

Comments: 12

Rebecca: 5 sets in 8:01 (70/100/111/126/150)

14:54 / 6 sets
1st 2 sets – 45 / 12 ( 1 pood.)
Then had to change to one arm (.7 pood) for remainder sets.

GREAT JOB Rebecca! Esp since I believe this came after a wedding!

Good job to everyone in the am class!

5:58 2 sets (100/50)

8:33 as rx’d

really dogged it today…85/35/15/15…..did not have to drop at any particular time…i just did…would take 30 secs of rest b/w sets…did not feel pain at all and arms were/are not tired…just paced myself and watched my breath…probably 50% effort…

previous time for 150 KBS is 5:00…but that did not have DUs involved..

23:26 as rx’d, and no, this is not a typo!!! 🙂
Really struggled with this one. It was only the second time that I used the 1 pood KB. It felt really heavy, but I stuck it through. I ended up doing 9 sets of DU’s, so a whopping 270, which obviously didn’t help my KB swings! It very much felt like a vicious circle.
(breakdown for future use: 30/50/65/80/90/100/115/127/142/50
Thanks DJ for your encouragement and your extra coaching with the cleans & K2E’s!

As rx’d ….17.52.

Fantastic DUs….had to do 4 sets of attempts.
Need to start practicing DU.

9:03 with 3 sets of DUs.

KBs broken 81/33/19/17. I wanted to get the KB swings done in three sets, and I felt fairly strong throughout, but I just could not hold on to that kettlebell any longer. I probably took too long between sets as well.

13:44 as rx’d – did 4 sets of DU – the last set took a while. As usual, another good but, hard workout. Chelsea..holy smoke you are so FAST – way to go! Thanks DJ for the coaching today.

as rx’d 5:50 150 swings straight through
didn’t want to do any DU!
did at home with 55# db

way to go deathracer!! that kind of effort makes me want to push harder!! sorta 🙂

thanks Steve

150 KBS 7:07
2 sets unbroken DU

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