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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, August 24, 2008

 Crescent Heights Outdoor class


3 rounds for time:

400 m Run

21 KB Swings

12 Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 1.5 pood (55 lbs) gals use 1 pood (35 lbs).  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 8

As Rx’d

11:59 (blue band for pull ups due to shoulder issues)

As Rx’d

8:46 (3 mins faster than last time)…however, I don’t think I pushed as hard as I could…I was still standing after the WOD…though my shoulders were pretty tired…

20 kg (1.25 pood) KB

3:30, 5;50, 6:49 = 16:09

Nice work Mack and Steve!

Last time 11:46. I’ve been learning the butterfly kip and this is the 1st time I did it exclusively in a WOD. Not as rx’d though, because I used the soft bar. I seem to move my hands a lot for the butterfly and they get really torn up when I use the wrapped bars. Great job Steve!

Sorry we missed you guys this week! Had to give Helen a shot at home tonite.

as rx’ed


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