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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Complete all sets in any order for time:

A.  25 Bar Pull-Overs

B.  50 D-ball Over Alternating Shoulder

C. 75 Reverse Double Unders

D. 100 Cal Row/Ski/Bike

Coach’s notes:

Post order completed and time for each set and total working times to comments.

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Comments: 7

Did in order written:
A. 3:16
B. 8:16
C. 1:13 – 150 unbroken reverse single Unders
D. 5:51
Thanks Kimmer!

D-balls were at 100#

B: 5:51 @ 50#
C: 2:14 150 reverse single unders.
A: 3:30ish 25 candlesticks
D: just under 9 or 10 minutes on the bike.
Never done 100 cals on the bike. Went to more of a dimly lit rather than dark place.

Thanks Kimmer!

A. 5:41 (7/6/6/5/1)
B. 11:02 @ 80#
C. 2:22 (150 reverse singles)
D. 7:37

The D-balls really did a number on my back which made the next two movements rather less than enjoyable, the row in particular.

Thanks Kimmer!

C: 150 reverse singles ~2mins – first 82 were unbroken
A: 25 candlesticks ~8mins
B: 30# ~12mins
D: 11:27 30/35/35 cals

First time doing d-balls over shoulder. The 30# felt good but I think I’ll try heavier next time. Candlesticks were harder than I remembered.

Thanks Kim!

C: 50 secs (need not to pike up, but did them all unbroken)

B: 11:50 with 125# (this suuuucked)

A: 3:31 (need to extend my arms under the bar to give my biceps a rest. Less tension on the body, bigger sets. Thanks is for the tips Bryan Pierpoint)

D: 5:20:1 ski (I never ski, so I thought I’d give it a try. Yeah it sucked. Have no experience, so I tried to keep the cals/hour around 1100 then dark place (1300+) for the last 15 cals)

Thanks Kim LaPlante. Great work 10:15am.

C. approx. 6:00, very frustrating, need to get these.
B. 4:54 @ 100#, sucked after 25, which is only half way!
A. 5:27, waaaay overestimated my abilities here, started with a set of 11, which seemed fine, but by 20 I could barely grasp the bar and struggled in doubles for the last 6 or so.
D. No time to complete, oooooh shoot.

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