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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A.  400 m Sprint @ 80%

Rest 2:00

400 m Sprint @ 90%

Rest 2:00

400 m Sprint @ 100%

B.  3 rounds for time:

Run 200 m

15 Box Jumps

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 24″, gals 18″ for box jumps.  Post time for all sets to comments.

Comments: 10

Just caught part B. 4:17 as rx’d… didn’t have much to give on the runs today

A – 1.09, 1.03, 1.06 (Ali’s “400m”)
B – 4.42

Good warm up, can still feel the sumo squat.

A. 80% 1:27
90% 1:21
100% 1:16 (waaayyy better than my 100% on the “other” 400 m which is closer to 1:30)
(Ali’s “400m”….I like it much better than Brett’s 400 m!!!)

B. 4:43

A. – 1.12, 1.09, 1.09 (Ali’s 400m – 200m x 2 starting from the step)
B – 4.50

A 1.20, 1.15, 1.11
B 6:35

A. Not exactly sure of times for this one – forgot to ask Ali (probably didn’t want to know!)
Thanks Ali for doing this wod with me!!! otherwise I would have been SOLO – ugh!
B. 4:53
Thanks Kris for joining! Both Ali and Kris pretty much lapped me!! hahaa
Thanks Ali!! fun!!! (even if I don’t like running)

A. 1:20 / 1:15 / 1:08
B. 4:20

Nice Job today everyone!!!!!
Next time I’ll make sure I verify the distance BEFORE I have you start the WOD ;o)

I think I may have over estimated my distances but anyway it was a great WOD as it exposed my need to increase my aerobic capacity.
A. 1:39/1:28/1:23
B. 6:53

A: 1:53/1:35/1:27
B: 5:55

A. 1:32/1:20/1:40 I did the first 2 faster than I should have.
B. 7:30 box jumps were unbroken. My runs were more than 200m with an uphill climb at the start.
I did this wod at the cottage. Perfect one for a place where there’s limited equipment.

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