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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A1.  Bench Press – 3 reps x 5 sets @ 30×1, rest 2:00

A2.  Long Jump – 3 reps x 5 sets, rest 10 seconds between reps and 2:00 between sets

B.  Alternating Tabata for low score

1.  Back Extension

2 .  Push up

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for bench press in A1, best long jump distance for A2 and low score reps for B to comments.

Comments: 17

A1 – worked up to 135
A2- 297″
B – 13/8

A1: 65/75/80/82.5/85
A2: 20′ 5″
B: 15 back extensions & 5 push-ups (16/6/15/6/15/5/15/5/15/5/15/5/15/5/15/5)

Thanks Gord; it was great to see you again. Fun warm-up!


A1. 75/85/95/100/110 (PR)
A2. Long jumps were constant (2,22 x5)
B. 10 Back Ext. start push ups all from toes, finished all from knees. (13,5-5,5-5,10,10,9,9,8)

Great warm up! Thanks Gord,

A1: 65/75/85/90/95
A2: 240″
B. 12 Back Extensions / 10 Push ups, 10/9, 9/9, 10/8, 10/9, 10/8, 9/7, 12/9.
Nice work on your 110 lift Olga!
Thanks Gord

A1: 185/195/205/215/225×2 – failed 3rd
A2: Long Jumps – not sure
B: 12/12

A1. 135×5/155×4/165×3/175×2/175×2
A2. best 3 jump result – 347″
B. 15/10. Pace was right for back ext as all sets done with 1 second to spare. Hit 10 on all sets of push ups – should have tried to pace it at 13-14.

A: worked on 1RM bench press from TT
Before TT=92.5, after=115 (PR)

B:substituted dble unders for back extensions

A: 65/75/80 (failed on 3rd)/77.5/77.5
A2: Bit more than 3 mats length.
B: 10 – back ext / 6 kneeling push up
Thanks Gord – great warm up this morning!
Happy Easter Everyone!

A1. 165/165/165/165×2/165×2
A2. Not sure
B Push ups 8 (13/13/13/13/13/10/8/8)
Back ext. 13 (13/13/13/13/13/13/13/13)

A1.- kept it light….105 for 3
A2. best 3 jump 289″
B. subbed double unders for back ext – lowest 30; pushups- lowest 8

Thanks Gord! Nice work Olga!

A.1 – 195 all sets…felt good all sets should have went up.
A.2. Not really sure, but about half of what my son was doing…young legs with lots of spring.
B. Back extensions 17 , push-ups 11. Back extensions were pretty constant for all 8 rounds but push-ups went from 22 down to 11…should not have come out so hard out of the gate. I think that I was showing off a bit for my son 🙂

A1: 185, 205, 225, 235, 245×2 (failed on the 3rd).
A2: Halfway between Blaine and Audra. 318 inches…ish.
B: Subbed DU`s for back ext`s. 30 du`s, 12 pushups.
Great class! Thanks Gord.

A1 165/185/205/215/225×2
A2 Didn’t measure but I am sure it was really long

B 8/10s for 1/2 and then 8s

Fun Class,Thanks Gord!

A1: 65/75/75/77/75
A2: didn’t measure but I am sure it was further then abbys dad

Didn’t really keep track of the second part

Thanks Olga and Erin for the push!!

Did 3 rds of “the hammer”
Did it very slowly, no rush for once and practiced CTB pull ups

Good work Brett on wod 6 of the games. Now i know what to expect and ain’t going to be pretty!!!!

If i had to pick a movement i hate, that would be a THRUSTER. That move ruins people!

Hammer is at 135#

A1: 165/175/185/195/205×1
A2: Long Jumps – 227″
B: Pushups – 9 (15,12,12,12,11,11,9,9)
Back Extensions – 16 (All at 16)

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