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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, April 13, 2008


5 rounds for time:

400m run

25 Knee to Elbows

25 Sit-ups

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

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felt like i was at the k2e’s for forever! it was nice to be outside for the runs

have fun!

27:55 BUT
the K2E were more like knees to the saggy wrinkly skin that looks like elbows (first time in my life I was happy to sag!!)
JC / Leighanne – Thanks for the in-service on “blister patrol”

19:33, nice to be woking out outside.

30 95lb Power Cleans
10 Ring dips
20 05lb Power Cleans
20 Ring dips
10 95lb Power Cleans
30 Ring Dips

9:58 That was a good one

Tough one at home.

PM WOD tonight
Chin ups on the minute.

Ncie work G!

To me, Crossfit is akin to Golf. I love it, I hate it!

Finished the WOD in class in 29:10. Pretty proud of myself, but didn’t take advantage of the downslope on the run home; I put the brakes on instead of longer strides..darn you scary gravel!

Thanks to JC and Michelle for the boost. Congrats to Yvetee for an awesome 1st place finish.


Sorry Yvette, spelled your name wrong!

had to move from the fat bar to the narrow silver bar for last 2 sets of K2E’s and sit ups were unanchored ‘cuz Brett says to do them that way, but I forget why?!?!
Thanks to JC for the hand taping!!!

23:30 WOD as Rx’d
5min rest, then
21-15-9 of SDLHP (75lb) & HSPU (partial ROM still)

26:38…Heh I actually got a blister from K2E and
need to flatten those hills outside of OPT πŸ™‚

17:53 as rx’d

rx’d -> knees hit elbows every rep, all the way up on sit ups
2nd WOD of day, CF.com this am – 110 points
nice day to run

DJ 27:something
Brittany 25:47
both of us more like knees to armpits

DJ – are you referring to the armpits PAST the elbows, or before you get TO the elbows? I’m guessing the latter!

Simon – no need to apologize on the name. Believe me, it has been written many different ways, and suffice it to say, I have been called many names as well!
Thanks for the congrats BUT first place isn’t my goal — form is. And although kudos to everyone, Blaine’s persistence this a.m. whose 125th K2E was as technical and correct as #1, was wicked.


the nice thing about coming in last is all the extra (and oddly motivational as well as humiliating) encouragement. Thanks Deejay and Britt! I know everyone else was cheering too… but they were in my line of sight πŸ™‚

k2e – I MURDERED THEM. They were unrecognizable when I was done with them.

With all due respect, Mr. OPT – pls chill a bit. (Unless I have completely misread your comment and it is as a note to yourself. In that case — ignore what I am about to say, and I will continue to follow every word that you say!)
I , and majority of CF participants who listen to the instruction at the start of the class, completely understand that “as rx’ed” means exactly that. If we were doing it for competition purposes, again, completely understand. However, I would hate to see people not post because of the modifications they made. People know they are only fooling themselves if they post as rx’ed and really aren’t. Next time we do this w/o, my time may be worse but hopefully it will be b/c my k2e improved. You won’t know that by my time, but I will.
I would also like to say I am usually not this crabby.
Oh yeah — is it ok if I still come to play at the OPT facility? πŸ™‚

no_excuses…understand this…CrossFit is my sport, i never repost about others comments about mine (as i have not done for 3 years of buggery at CF.com for my scores), but seeing this is MY HOUSE….i compete at EVERY workout, with myself and others should they wish to do so…i have a standard of quality movement performed at high intensities so i represent what it is supposed to look like as a coach and CF athlete, i post as rx’d for myself only…as i always have…if people do not want to post b/c i indicated what k2e’s atually are…that is up to them….what one should notice and was not mentioned was how fun the class was to see kimbyd finish with her best “intent” of the k2e’s and how athletes of any ability can be housed and ACCEPTED in one place to train….so give up the chill…see you Monday

I appreciated the comment by OPT, it made me realize that next time I do knees to elbows I should ensure my knees come all the way to my elbows even if it takes me longer. Thanks for the push today OPT!

Boy, this is an interesting discusssion. Here’s my 2 cents worth:

On one hand, I log exactly what I’ve done for every workout so I can monitor my progress and I can do this regardless of what time/reps etc. others posts on Rx’d or modified WODs.

On the other hand, I feel competitive and enjoy comparing posted times. Even when OPT and AFT more than half my time as it was the case a few days ago. Before discovering crossfit last Nov. my workouts/races were mostly running. In running, if you said you ran a 10k race in 36, 45 or 59 min, you know EXACTLY what was achived. You can’t do half strides and get there faster. I personally would enjoy having the same clarity when looking at crossfit results.

I also bumped into this article of few days ago. I found it very interesting/motivating and expect some crossfit folks to enjoy reading:


Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t resist….

Ladder Chin ups on the minute

18 rounds + 11
I think my math is off but it was around 182 Chin ups in 18 minutes. Love it!!!!

Oh by the way as RX’d

Just have to stir the pot a bit!!!

Way to go, Kimberley!!! (Kimbyd) I am so proud of you!! You Rock and you are an inspiration. Keep smiling and running and grunting through the tough stuff πŸ™‚ it becomes you at CrossFit πŸ™‚
I’m so sorry I missed today (but had a blast on Friday as my replacement CF workout)

K: 21:00 as Rx’d
G: 21:12 as Rx’d



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