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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, April 12, 2009

5 Rounds for time:


12 Ring Dips

24 Med Ball Cleans

48 Med Ball Overhead Walking Lunges


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lb and gals 14 lb medicine balls.  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 16

29:58 maybe wrong on time
4 rounds only
toes hanging on box for most of the dips

14# until 4th round then switched to 8#
ring dips – jumped then lowered

Thanks for helping me through the last round, Ali! 🙂


Dips from the box

Blaine: 30:52
Rebecca: 30:06 (4 ring dips, then ring lowers)

27:44 i think.. as rx’d

26:24 as rx’d

28:42 (4 ring dips, then ring lowers)

Great job sticking with it Amy!!

25:48 as Rx’d…

first met con in over a week and it showed…first 2 rounds the dips and cleans straight through…lunges were done in sets of 24…rounds 3-5…sucked..wanted to quit…

currently my strength is at an all time high but my work capacity is low…hard to find the next gear of intensity I had 6 weeks ago…

16:40 as rx’d
Go show today, Happy Easter Crossfitters!

Feet assisted dips
0 weight on set 4 and 5 of lunges

ML 12# MB, 28:11
D as rx’d 29:56

32:54 (or something like that) as rx’d.

By the third round most of the ring dips were down to singles, but I think it was the lunges that really took the most time.

Great work today everyone, enjoy your Easter!

14# MB and assisted ring dips from the box

25:34 – scaled to 12lb med ball and had toes on box for assisted-dips.

Butt is cramping!

Rick 25:49 as Rx’d
Adelle 28:03, ring dips were jump up/lower and used 8lb ball.
Tough workout today. Thanks!

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