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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, September 8, 2007

CrossFit Calgary class demo

Dumbell Thruster/Pull up –

15/1, 14/2, 13/3, 12/4,  11/5,  10/6,  9/7,  8/8,  7/9,  6/10,  5/11,  4/12,  3/13,  2/14,  1/15  reps for time


Coach’s notes:  For this workout you do 15 thrusters followed by 1 pull-up, then 14 thrusters followed by 2 pull-ups, reduce the number of thrusters by 1 and increasing the number of pull-ups by one until you reach one thruster and 15 pull-ups.  Recommended weight for the thrusters is 35lbs. for guys and 20lbs. for gals.  Kipping pull-ups are also recommended, however, if you cannot kip or cannot complete all pull-up reps use some form of assisted pull-up.  In other words do band or machine assisted.  Do not substitute jumping pull-ups for this one.  Post time to comments.

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