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Saturday, September 12, 2009

150 Broad Jumps for distance and time


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments and if you can figure it out, distance completed.

Compare to July 26, 2009

Reminder – CFC is hosting the Basic Barbell certification today and tomorrow therefore classes will be cancelled.  Regular classs schedule will resume Monday, Sept. 14.

Did you hear?  CFC added another 3 classes to the regular class schedule.  Check it out here.

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Just a reminder to CFC Kids-Classes are cancelled today due to the Barbell Certification. They will resume as scheduled on Monday at 4 pm. Make sure to get outside this weekend and RUN, SKIP, JUMP, PRESS, PUSH, PULL and PLAY!!!

For fans of coach Rip: google “Rip quote of the day”. Here’s a sample..

On resting in between reps:
It varies with the length of the set.
5s or fewer get a breath to reset. Longer sets might take 2 breaths.
During the last few reps of a true 20RM squat, just do what Jesus tells you

Dropped into the new “crossfit cowtown” affiliate, very nice people there, knowledgeable and eager, and a decent little garage box! I’d recommend ya’ll stop by some saturday and say hi and do a workout. Saturday at 2pm are free. crossfitcowtown dot com

They had us do:
3 rounds
350m run
10 burpees
20 squats

time 7:10

I also dropped in cowtown 9:27

A good time was had by all!


Also did Cowtown and managed a decent 7:53

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