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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, October 25, 2008

As many rounds in twenty minutes:

10 OHS

10 Burpies

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 for the OHS.  Burpies are chest to deck, full extension with jump at top.  Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Comments: 9

First time I’ve seen those 2 without a smile ….except for the end of Filthy Fifties or 750 wall balls for time!

My pictures are still making the rounds…cool!

75 lb OHS

7 rds + 4 OHS

Subbed 65# backsquats, GH sit-ups (cuz I was lazy, I mean – wrist trouble)
13 rounds + 10

Awesome job on the Total today DeeJay

As rx’d

10 rounds even….all OHS sets were unbroken until 10th round where I went too fast and the weight dropped on my head…

This WOD was very tough…it gassed me to the max…took me an 45 mins to recover…

thank you sir

Karen today, 150 wall balls, 20 lbs 6:46

Mountain Biking for 3.5 hours.
Nasty winds and snow up at altitude.
Good day!

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