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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, October 24, 2009


1 round for time:

100 Double Unders

90 Back Extensions

80 Squats

70 Sit Ups

60 Lunges

50 Push Ups

40 Box Jumps

30 Wallballs

20 Burpees

10 Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:  There are a couple of changes to Madi.  Now that we are the new place gals will use 14 lb balls for wallballs instead of 12 lbs.  Replace unders with double unders -this is just because.  Other than that, have fun and post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to August 7, 2008

Due to the rowing certification being held today, a modified class schedule will be in effect.  Adult member or drop in class attendance will be available before the certification starts at 7:45 am.  CFC Kids class will be moved to Sunday at noon.  Because the certification is only a one day course, all Sunday classes will run as scheduled.  Thank you for your understanding.

Comments: 9

Great Workout this morning…glad I did not take a snow day from CF. Sorry for kicking you James, I didn’t mean it (no matter how many DU’s you made us do 😀
Need to work on negative pull-ups; one more thing to add to my list of “stuff I suck at but need to practice”.

Great wod today – Thanks James!
3 x 24 alternating lunges weighted* we choose weight (25 lbs) then 30 sec AMRAP
pushups (17/15/16)
90 sec rest
3 x 5 straight/?? chinups weighted if too easy (2 rounds zero weight 3rd round 5 lb) then
30 sec AMRAP burpees (11/10/10)
90 sec rest
5 x AMRAP 30 sec double unders

“madi” looks like a good one too! perhaps it can be posted again in the near future!

Madi as Rx’d
Except – 90 – 45# Goodmornings / 30 – 40# DB Thrusters / 10 – Deadhang PUs

7:45 workout – see above (Thanks Krista)
walking lunges (25lbs)
push ups (11/9/12 – wow- slow)
2X strict pull up and then 3 with Krista and then Jake lifting me up (thanks guys!)
burpees (can’t remember)
double unders (didn’t count but my arms were by my sides 😉
Thanks James!

7:45 WO
Lunges 35/40/45
Pushups 34/30/26
Strict Pullups 20/30/40lbs
Burpees 15/15/15
DU 51/51/45/47/50
(+2 shoulder presses Katie weight) just kidding

done at the crowfoot Y
wall ball was 10′ 17.6 pounds

7:45 workout – See Krista’s post for details-Thanks!
Lunges – 15lbs
Push ups – first 2 as rx’d but last set James modified as my technique was starting to fail.
Chin ups – James assisted on up movement but then let go and I would slowly lower.
Burpees – 13/12/10
Double Unders – didn’t count as I was too focused on not passing out!
Awesome workout! Thanks James!


Shout out to everyone in the 6pm class tonight. Way to come spend Family Day with your CFC family. Good to see Mack Back!!

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